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Chennai, India, November 6, 2009 - One of the leading eLearning software solutions and IT company India - White House Business Solutions (WHBS) is released its rejuvenated corporate website to make it more attractive, user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

Some of the modifications in the WHBS Corporate IT site are listed below:

Improved, attractive and attention-grabbing colors
Easy readability and more informative content
Clear and intuitive categorization of offerings
Inclusion of Blogs

Newly added features in the WHBS site for SEO friendly are listed below:

Ease of website navigation from one page to other
W3C Compliance HTML and CSS Validations
More appropriate keyword usage to provide our visitors with right information
Reduce the page loading time, so it quickly reach the users
Friendly with social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Blogger, WordPress, Twitter, RSS and Youtube.

Most probably everyone wanted to ask Why WHBS changed his corporate website? The answer is very simple to make the website more appealing, attract more users, and make our business more transparent.

About WHBS

WHBS is a multinational learning technology company having more than 1 million man-hours of experience in developing e-learning content and solutions for various educational institutions, enterprises and government organizations. Through the years of working various educators across the globe, WHBS has devised solutions and approaches that enhance students‘ learning experience and education at large.