Our Reserved Federal bank now has the new banknotes Dukedom Grand Dollar with security system. This special edition is covered with gold. Our Reserved Federal GOV IUKAC bank changes the design of the currency every 2 years. This year extended until 2021 Our Dukedom Grand Dollar and Excalibur is a special currency. We hope this currency go into the market without any inconvenience. The bank notes will be used in our enclave nations and territory. We also negotiate with government of the zone for help as regards circulation in the market.

Actual Price Today:
1 Dukedom Grand Dollar (D.G.D.) exchanges for 2.58 USA dollar or.2.30 Euros. With the crisis in the market, we expect dukedom grand dollar to rise up until 3 dollars.

The grand dollar is here to stay. It will be used in Sahara, Oceania, Archipelago, and other enclave nations. The reserve federal of GOV IUKAC bank is also working too on the Denario currency. However, priority is given to Dukedom Grand Dollar (D.G.D). The dukedom grand dollar will be quoted in the GOV IUKAC stock market and the sovereign market. 100 dukedom grand dollars will be printed and probably more will be printed in higher quantities. Dukedom grand dollar doesn’t have competence. It is a currency with no obligation. When the stock goes high, 1 D.G.D. will exchange for 2.58 dollar USA and 1 Denario will exchange 2.53 dollar USA.

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