We are ready with the new design of Dukedom Grand Dollar. We have queen Illham Manack ,queen of Ottoman empire , Manack house. 20 Dukedom Grand Dollar .New series for 20 Dukedom Grand Dollar.

We have a 100 Dukedom Grand Dollar with king Ludwig I House of Stewart, House of Sobieski Hasburgo house. Emperor of Austria, Emperor GOV IUKAC, GOV NSEAC and other title.

100 Dukedom Grand Dollar.

500 Dukedom Grand Dollar with prime minister Choudhary Mustafa Hossain, also king of Tuscany, house of Tuscany.

We are working in on other designs of GOV IUKAC Empire & Union of Crown UK.
The new banknotes 20 Dukedom Grand Dollar say Archipelago Oceania, and 500 Dukedom Grand Dollar say the same 100 Dukedom Grand Dollar say Sahara territory next design still pending. Our reserved federal still works in our monetary system and new economic sovereign council.

The government IUKAC begin distribution of our banknotes currency in territory of Sahara and our enclave of and partner. We improving our currency to high levels. Dukedom Grand Dollar gold, we trust in god. By the grace of God Reserve federal of GOV IUKAC bank works hand by hand with GOV IUKAC stock market.

Price of today is 1 Dukedom Grand Dollar <D.G.D.> in exchange for 2.59 US Dollars.

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