Skippy’s Dog Walking, new business and community volunteer of Emerald Hills neighborhood, offers services geared to help pet owners in taking care of neighborhood dogs. With most people’s lifestyles being hectic most of the time, Skippy’s Dog Walking offers their service to help the neighborhood by walking neighborhood dogs for free.

Skippy’s Dog Walking is a new business, started just this year with the aim of helping pet owners take care of their dogs. They are a group, a non-profit advocate, for dog owners who need the assistance for not having all the time to walk their dog. In that case, Skippy’s Dog Walking comes to take up the mantle of walking their dogs for them.

There are other dog clinics that offer the same kind of service, but not a lot of people can afford the service. On that note, Skippy’s Dog Walking offer their service for free, accepting every dog that come their way making sure not one of them gets left behind. As a community volunteer in Emerald Hills for dog owners, they aim to ensure that every dog in the neighborhood can benefit from the same service.

Aside from the staff volunteer from Skippy’s Dog Walking, they also employ local kids from Emerald Hills and Barrio Logan in San Diego. Most of these kids are eager to help and volunteers to walk neighborhood dogs. Doing so does not only help pet owners in walking their dogs when they do not have the time but also gives good values to neighborhood kid volunteering in Skippy’s Dog Walking.

The work of Skippy’s Dog Walking does not end to volunteering for dog walking. Skippy’s are dedicated to the welfare of every neighborhood dog in Emerald Hills. On that note, they also help homeless, abandoned animals as much as they can even by simple acts of leaving bowls of water and food for them.

Skippy’s Dog Walking is a non-profit community volunteer and they fund all their expenses for the business. They successfully funded the businesses by raising money through several ways to get started for the cost of the website, tools, flyers, business cards, toys, tools, treats and more that are needed for the operations of their volunteer work.

Skippy’s Dog Walking is still new but the Emerald Hills neighborhood is already seeing the big help they offer. More and more every day, neighborhood dogs are left in their care and pet owners love the free dog walking service by Skippy’s Dog Walking, a big help to their hectic schedule for the day.

To know more about Skippy’s Dog Walking or, to get your first walk free, please visit . For inquiries, please call Joseph Tapia at (619) 484-6280 or email at [email protected]

Joseph Tapia
Company: Skippy’s Dog Walking
Address: 919 Euclid Ave Emerald Hills, San Diego, CA 92114
Phone: (619) 484-6280
Email: [email protected]