SEATTLE, Wash. - Apple Corporation’s new iPhone XS battery case retails for $129.00. After the incredible fallout from the iOS fiasco, it would make sense for Apple to offer this case at a more reasonable price. A battery charger case from Seattle based Zohmo promises better life at a better price.

Zohmo’s move into the mobile power market was influenced by ongoing complaints about battery life within the Apple iPhone family. Many Apple users found the lack of battery life to be a real detractor from the quality offered in the rest of the phone.

“I travel a lot for work. My biggest frustration was that I could never make it an entire day without my iPhone dying. I hated the anxiety and stress that came with trying to find an outlet in the middle of the day. I eventually decided to produce a battery case to address this problem,” said Hector Rivas, founder of Zohmo.

The iPhone XS is Apple’s flagship phone, and its proprietary battery case is specifically designed for the XS. Apple lovers have mixed emotions about the battery case, with one reviewer finding the case to be heavy and bulky – preferring an external charger to a battery case. Read the review here.

“We [the Zohmo family] have used iPhones for a long time and enjoy them, but the battery life was a problem. The issues with iOS 11 only cemented what we were thinking – we need better battery life for our iPhones. Then we realized if we need better battery life, others would also. This is where our battery case concept was born,” said Hector Rivas, founder of Zohmo.

Several factors figure into the need for increased battery life. The availability of apps, social media and games along with almost universal Wi-Fi and unlimited data mean batteries drain faster than ever before.

“Everyone can relate to running out of battery at the worst time,” said Rivas.

Apple’s battery case for the XS is 1,369 mAh, down significantly from the iPhone 7 battery case at 2,365 mAh. The tradeoff for the smaller charge is a slimmer battery case to match the XS slick look

Zohmo followed each and every step of Apple’s battery case development and made notes.

The result is Zohmo’s battery case that boasts an impressive 3,200 mAh, meaning users can enjoy their iPhone XS experience for longer than when on a standard battery. The amperage is double that of the Apple proprietary battery case amperage. Rivas, however, has one other element that has swayed many to his company and iPhone battery case.

“My case is $59.99. Apple’s is $129.00. I offer double the amperage for less than one-half of the cost,” continued Rivas.

Thinly designed, Zohmo’s polycarbonate case protects and charges your iPhone while on the go.

Learn more about the iPhone XS battery case and the rest of the iPhone battery cases at Zohmo.

Hector Rivas