To take a good decision you need a backing to support and guide you at right times. Be it your professional life or business, you are always caught in a fix to figure out the best possible options for any given problem or situation. To succeed in business you need to appeal your product to several customers. Once you‘ve succeeded and make a mark, you will get through the competition. Solutionfeed is an online portal providing you the edge you need to make your decision. Be it a professional advice, tips on products and services or any other decision making process, the site will guide and help you to get out with the best options in the quickest time.
The Soltuionfeed site follows a simple process. Consumers or users log on to the solution-feed site and post their questions, requests needs to business professionals and experts on another site - Linkcrafter is a place of likeminded people having common interests which has a huge network of professionals and companies who are willing to give customers information, connections, and assistance all for free. The process being online saves a lot of time and effort. Once a request is posted the web application combs through the vast network of experts and professionals, and questions are routed to the most knowledgeable experts or professional on the topic. Answers come back within a short period, if not in few minutes.
Consumers rate professionals based on the solutions they provide. Professionals rate consumers based on their questions. It ends up into a healthy environment where professionals befriend consumers and consumers receive quick and free professions answers.
For customers, Solution Feed is a life improvement tool. It relieves customers from digital fatigue and information overload. For business professionals on Linkcrafter, Solution Feed is an incredible leads generating machine because the vast majority of questions from consumers involve some type of purchase decision or service need. They could mention their products or services, where relevant, in their answer and they can expose their professional experience, specialized knowledge and brand to millions of users. If they are answering a question not related to their business, they could put their ad on the right side or at the bottom of their answer proposal. Like the wise man put it: When you need help ask an experienced person. You get the best of results and answers.

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