Sticking point „calories“: Conscious “gusto” with the Omron JogStyle

( For many people the own weight is a rather unpleasant topic. Here and there some annoying fat pads,the balance doesn‘t show the desired value and the favourtie jeans has become too tight. For a healthy and successful diet it is important to attain a negative calorie record, which means taking in less calories than are consumed over the day. The JogStyle by Omron Healthcare is the ideal tool to control the energy balance and achieve the desired weight reduction.

“Calories” are a common topic of conversation. However this frequently used term per se is already incorrect. The exact name of the indicator for caloric value on nourishments is kilocalorie (kcal). But what‘s behind this designation displayed on the packages of aliments? The unit kcal measures the amount of energy provided by nourishments. Proteins, fat and carbohydrates are the main sources of energy for an active organism. One gramm protein or carbohydrate contains about 4 kilocalories, one gram fat about 9 kcal. Thus it is not difficult to calculate that one kilogramm of body fat implicates about 7700 kilocalories. The Internet offers scores of kalorie tables giving detailed information about the calorie content of different nourishments. A balanced nutrition with low-fat and high-fiber food is the Alpha and Omega of a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables, chicken, fish and whole grain products provide the body with the necessary nutrients while containing only few calories. But watch out! Perceived healthy aliments such as cereals and cornflakes, light bread and fitness bars often entail nasty calorie traps.

The Omron JogStyle offers you the possibility to control your energy balance during the whole day even beyond your sportive training. Thanks to the nutrition facts on food packages it is thus possible to calculate your average calorie take-in and attain a negative calorie record with the JogStyle. At work, in the supermarket, doing the housework or during your training units: The JogStyle records your calorie consumption and stores it up to seven days. Further valuable tipps and information about running can now be found on the new online blog by Omron:
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OMRON Healthcare has been found 1933 in Kyoto and developed into one of the leading producers of sensoric systems and technologies in the healthcare market. Since 35 years the German subsidiary „OMRON Medizintechnik“ has successfully established itself by its continual innovations. Leading technologies interpreted for exact measuring technqiue with easy intuitive handling make Omron products accessible not only for professionals but also for the general usage. 2009 the company with its 4.000 employees generated a worldwide revenue of about 777 billion dollar.

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