Mumbai, December 22, 2009: Tata Tea has re-launched its flagship website The portal which was, for the last one year, an online hot spot for aspiring voters to register and obtain all information related to Voter Registration, will now stand for social awakening in a broader sense. Jaago Re as a campaign has targeted the youth of the nation, urging them to take a stand on various issues such as voting and corruption and do their bit thereby encouraging them to be the ´change they want to see‘.

The new is designed to be a portal which facilitates the flow of information and resources between individuals / groups / organizations by bringing together, onto a common platform, those who possess information and resources and those who need them. The understanding behind the website is that people have the desire and the resources to contribute meaningfully to social causes that they believe in. However, often they are unable to channelize this desire into actual contributions due to lack of information about who to contact or where to go. Similarly, NGOs have specific requirements for time, effort or special skills, but are at a loss to rope in the much-needed resources. This portal hopes to provide a platform for these two sets of people to interact and exchange information, time, effort, skills etc.

The website is simple with two key sections Jaago and Jagaao. Jaago is the information section a place where people can read up on various social issues their causes, effects, solutions and how each individual can contribute to addressing the issue. People can post articles and documents related to any social issue, thus making this section of the website into an information and knowledge bank.

Jagaao is the direct engagement section of the website a place where individuals and organizations (NGOs) register and create a profile. It is the social exchange wherein NGOs can post various requirements in the form of projects requiring man-hours or specific skills etc. Similarly, individuals can post their interest areas and availability. Individuals can search for projects by location, dates, causes etc. NGOs can also actively search for people using the filters provided.

Speaking about the portal, Ms. Sangeeta Talwar, Executive Director, Tata Tea Limited, said, “At its best, hopes to facilitate social awakening among the youth by providing them the platform and opportunities to channel their efforts and skills. With this initiative Tata Tea hopes to take its flagship campaign - Jaago Re! - beyond the rhetoric, from a level of creating awareness to a level where it actively facilitates action another call to action.”

About Jaago Re

Jaago Re campaign was initiated in the year 2007. The objective of this campaign was to transform tea from a medium of mere physical and mental rejuvenation to a medium of social awakening. In 2008, Jaago Re One Billion Votes campaign was conceived as an extension to the Jaago Re campaign that focused on awakening the youth to the power that lies in their hands, the power to influence, the power to choose, the power to vote. The campaign attempted to simplify the voter registration process through and enabling youth to be the change agents.
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