The Goddess Within: A High-Art Feature Documentary on Female Sexuality

Jennifer Ilene Perry from Los Angeles, California has announced that she will be seeking public support on Indiegogo to crowdfund her upcoming documentary film, ‘The Goddess Within’. Her goal is to raise $3500 within the next 12 days and she is welcoming everyone to back this special project on Indiegogo. It is an unprecedented feature documentary about women. According to Jennifer, female sexuality is very misunderstood and this motivated her to make this feature documentary for women. Besides female sexuality, sexuality in general is also very taboo and the film will make its contribution to these topics by featuring the personal journeys of six beautiful women.

The film will educate people about sexuality in an unconventional way. All funds raised through this Indiegogo campaign will play a major role in Post-Production, Marketing and Public Relations of ‘The Goddess Within’. Jennifer is welcoming everyone to contribute in this project and make it a success. People can find out more about this amazing production and make their generous contributions on Indiegogo using the following link:

About This Project:

'The Goddess Within' is a high art feature film documentary highly stylized and shot in b&w.  6 modern day Goddesses strip down physically and emotionally to tell their stories of their own personal experiences and journey through sexuality.  We take you through the dark and into the light as these women have gone through a gamut of experiences.  All-inclusive they represent the whole range of LGBTQ & H.  Unapologetic and bold these women share their truth with the world.

Contact Person: Jennifer Ilene Perry
Company: Infinite Films
Address: Los Angeles, CA USA
Phone: 3104980691

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