Cleansing instrument is the emerging new way of cleansing in recent years , also known as the facial brush. It mainly utilizes ultrasonic principle to cause a vibration of the fuzz in the brush so as to achieve efficient non-irritating cleaning and massage effect. Moreover, the technology at present is highly developed, and when the cleansing instrument after cleaned is put on the wireless charger, the self-contained drying system can dry the brush, which enables the consumer to use clean brush head still in the next time. Plus its nonporous design and easy cleaning also prevents bacteria, fungi and mites and other pathogens from breeding.

Often consistent use of the cleansing instrument, can effectively remove freckle, chloasma, whelk and pockmark, and also have a favourable effect on the improvement of cutis laxa, eye bag and dark circle. It can help the facial cleanser to form a high-density uniform foam so as to clean the face thoroughly and achieve the effect of beauty care.

The cleansing instrument has always been believing that "every woman can always own beauty and fashion". In UK, women pursing fashion integrate their own life taste and their sensitivity to the fashion into the brand of cleansing instrument, which not only reshapes the appearance of UK cosmetics industry, but also affects the global cosmetics market and plays a positive front, high-end leading role.

The nobility of the British royal family—Wagomo, pursued fashion and liked using cosmetics to increase self-confidence and charm. But some cosmetic ingredients were chemicals. Long-term use, washing not thoroughly and continuous accumulation of the residual on face and towel, harmed her skin and made her get pimples, blackheads and so one. Therefore, she often felt confused and uncomfortable.

Wagomo’s husband, Edward, advised her to use less cosmetics but woman's loving for beauty was difficult to change. Therefore, they often quarreled and their relationship became faded.

Edward, worried about what his wife worried , thought about what his his wife thought. Uniting with China, UK and USA over 50 skin care engineers, through 8 years of painstaking research and development, he eventually invented food-grade silicone material with no harm to the skin, coupled with ultrasonic vibration, to give to his wife for washing face instead of towels.Wagomo liked it very much and used it very often. The whelk and blackheads on her face was gone and she became more beautiful, colorful, attractive and younger. They never quarreled with each other again, and their love were as sweet as honey.

Edward decided to name the product as the WAGOMO cleansing instrument, and introduced it to more people to use, which is very popular in the British royal family and has been nicknamed the "Age-freezing artifact".

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