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( Punjab, India (February 2011)- With increase in literacy level the number of people seeking jobs also increases. Most preferred jobs are that of engineers or doctors, the youngsters fail to see beyond them. Apart from these there are innumerable jobs that offer equally good salary and are less strenuous. These jobs are respectable and require good amount of technical knowledge. The level of awareness is low among the youngsters and they end up choosing a job that hardly matches their expertise.

There are many jobs that can give you the satisfaction of serving the community and a handsome salary. One such job is that of Ultrasound Technician. Doctors cannot diagnose every disease with mere physical examination. They are in regular need of skilled technicians who help them find out the origin of the disease. This is done without any kind of surgery and is done by an Ultrasound Technician. All the information is available on They are trained to use equipments that take photographs of internal body organs using high frequency waves.

Obtaining an Ultrasound Technician Certification makes you eligible for the job. In order to obtain this you have to be a graduate with ultrasound or sonography as one among the major topics. Associate degree in the same field is also acceptable. After high school you can also enroll yourself in a two year course of basic certification in ultrasound or sonography.

It is clear now that the job of an ultrasound technician is a respectable one. Next important thing is the salary that they get. Like in every other field the salary in this field as well depends on many constraints like experience, qualification, working location and many more. Ultrasound Technician Salary after a year‘s experience is around $65,000 per year. Their wages fall between $15 and $18 per hour. For someone inexperienced in the field the salary will be lower than this. Visit to know in detail about the job of Ultrasound Technician.

Ultrasound Technicians have to specialize in of the many fields available. Some of them are Gynecology, Vascular technology, Obstetrics and many more. Their job will be based on the specialization. One has to be a graduate before enrolling for a specialization course. Ultrasound Tech Certification is a must, without this one cannot become an authorized technician and reap the monetary benefits associated with this profession.

An Ultrasound Technician uses equipments that employ ultrasonic waves to capture the images of internal organs without any surgery. For instance, to know about the progress of the baby developing in a mother‘s womb the services of an Ultrasound Tech are used. This is just one of the many services being offered by an Ultrasound Technologist. As an Ultrasound Technician you can get job in multispecialty hospitals. A certification from an authorized institute and a devoted attitude is all that you require to become a successful Ultrasound Technologist.

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