Author Tom Bracken debuts in the publishing world with this personal adventure of a lifetime—his true story of how water played a dynamic role in the saving of his life time and again.

Vicksburg, MS (January 25, 2010) When eight-year-old Tommy‘s lifeless body sinks to the pitch-dark bottom of his watery grave, an amazing paradox is set in motion. A human drama then unfolds as author Tom Bracken shares a series of true, life-altering, life-gripping, life-risking, and life-saving episodes in Tommy— The Saving of a US Navy SEAL.

In this candid autobiography, readers are taken through the first two decades of the author‘s life. Written in first person narrative, the action follows Tommy into the furious tornado of the turbulent 1960‘s as it sucks him into an uncontrollable maelstrom of violence and chaos, where his response is to push the pedal of life to the floor and drive it wide open. The story also unveils the rigors of the famous Navy SEAL‘s BUD/S training and on into the heat of combat in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

Short flashbacks of his earlier years are strategically inserted to help develop the story and let readers know more about what makes him tick. Some are heartbreaking—his father‘s murder, and his older brother‘s suicide, his arrest at age fifteen; and some will make the reader laugh out loud. By all accounts, the book is packed full of valuable life lessons for everyone to learn from.

What some readers have said:

“The quality of writing the story thread from start to finish—true and frank descriptions but tastefully done—all are top notch.” S.L.

“To read about the SEAL training and work was so interesting…I like the way it is written with thoughts that flow well from one to the next. I've raved about it to several people…” C.L.

“What a tremendous read … it was hard for me to put the book down.” J.E.

“I just wanted you to know that I absolutely loved it … your writing style grabbed my attention.” B.P.

“…it was great! I was glued to it till I finished it, and then I was wishing it was longer.” J.L.

“I did not put it down until I finished reading it!” M.K.

A heartwarming and inspiring story with lots of action and surprises, Tommy—The Saving of a US Navy SEAL brings out the struggle of a young man during a turbulent era of American history—the struggle of patriotism against the growing anti-war sentiment. It will surely make readers shed some tears, evoke their laughter, and be somewhat amazed by the vivid descriptions of what the author experienced.

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About the Author
Tom Bracken is a career missionary having served in Taiwan and China for the last twenty-seven years. He and his wife, Sandra, are fluent in Mandarin Chinese and travel extensively throughout Asia ministering to Chinese people. Married for thirty-two years, they are the parents of four children, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and four beautiful grandchildren. He and his wife reside in Taiwan, Republic of China. Besides his education in Theology, he has an Associates in Arts and Science Degree in Oceanography Technology and continues his life long love affair with the ocean.