UK Homebuyers Can Now Search Over 5,000 Mortgages and Rates

A mortgage comparison service is making life easy for UK homebuyers this year. The website enables people to find the best deals and rates, regardless of their situations. Many buyers have already used the service, saving themselves thousands of pounds on the transaction. The dedicated team of brokers working for this brand have all the skills and knowledge required to offer the best advice. That is why they launched the site in an effort to benefit more families than ever before. The specialists employed by Lending Expert will even play a role in arranging the mortgage deal if it’s required. So, there’s no need to look elsewhere.

Lending Expert combines professional advice with powerful comparison tools. Their aim is to assist customers in sourcing the best deals on the market quickly. Alongside that service, they also provide one to one advice to their clients. That is why the brand has gone from strength to strength in recent times. They’ve built a reputation for achieving the best outcomes every single time. So, it should come as no shock that many of their clients arrive at the site through word of mouth recommendations.

Some of the most popular mortgage types compared on the site include:

- Fixed rate mortgages
- Variable rate mortgages
- Remortgages
- Buy to let mortgages
- Second chance mortgages
- Commercial mortgages

There are some additional tools available that all buyers should use too. They include:

- A repayment calculator
- A borrowing calculator
- A mortgage calculator
- A buy to let mortgage calculator

The company also runs active social media pages for those who want to stay updated with the latest revelations. Lending Expert also provides other comparison services relating to loans and credit cards. It has effectively become a one-stop shop for people in the UK who don’t want to pay over the odds. Assessing the market without tools of that nature is difficult. That is because a buyer would have to visit hundreds of websites and call many different companies. The service from this brand not only makes life easier, but it also helps people to save a lot of time and money.

Anyone who plans to purchase a home this year should check the Lending Expert site immediately. Those who want to know more can get in touch via the “contact us” page. Alternatively, there are some details listed below this paragraph. Buying a house in the UK without using this comparison service is a bad idea.

Sarah Davidson
Company: Lending Expert Ltd
Address: Lending Expert Ltd, Jordangate House, Macclesfield, SK10 1EQ, UK
Phone: 0800 612 5643

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