An advanced printing company is involved in the printing of written media in the traditional way utilizing litho printing presses or digital printing for scaled-down volume and once off printing work. Massive jobs would include publications, papers, and pamphlets, while smaller scale printing could include things like business card printing, business stationery, wedding cards and such like.
There are enormous printing houses that print the national magazines in full colour gloss and other sizeable volume print runs, another printing company could be a regionally based business printing the neighborhood newspaper and other items, while a small in-house printing company maybe involved in the printing of business cards, the printing of local stationery requirements as well as the printing of invitation cards and other cards. The last type of printing company is that of printing bureaux, which companies take on the computer generated printing of customers, like labeling, address labels, and other data of large volume. They employ laser printers that are also capable of producing specialised printing like large advertising printed on vinyl, posters as well as other advertising material. These printing concerns usually differ in the scale of function, the type of printing and equipment employed to handle such jobs and the kind of client.
The larger printing company in addition have finishing business units, where binding, stitches, sticking and binding is completed and such a sizable printing company might run on a 24/7 basis to fully utilize the very costly equipment they employ and could also accept export business. The smaller regional printer often make use of older print technologies as they have a lesser demand for large volume printing and may be involved in a variety of smaller jobs demanding lesser technology. Many of the in-house facilities might have the requirement of reasonably low volume but at time high quality printing. The printing machines utilized in such environment, would typically be better technology digital printing systems effective at high quality, albeit low volume printing.
Any modern printing company at this time will typically use software in their design departments competent at high quality and detailed graphics as part of their overall printing service in offering high quality printing to their buyers.

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