Many of those with misaligned teeth or gaps in between their teeth avoid orthodontic treatment for any number of reasons. Some patients may feel as if the state of their teeth and gums is beyond repair while others have built up anxiety over the treatments or would like to avoid the use of traditional metal braces. Whatever these reasons may be however, advances to the field of orthodontics have allowed numerous patients to quickly and painlessly transform their smile with some of the most effective treatments in the world. For individuals that would like a cutting edge system that allows them to eat the foods they live while reinventing their appearance, Invisalign aligners could be exactly what they need.

Crooked teeth are most usually caused by one's genetics. While outside factors, such as trauma to the mouth, could affect the overall appearance of the teeth and how they are positioned within the mouth, most patients will struggle with malocclusion due to overcrowding of the mouth. Some consider this to be a cosmetic issue, however if left untreated these overbites, underbites, and malocclusion can cause serious damage to the mouth and the rest of the face.

If teeth are not uniform and in the correct position, it will put a large amount of strain on the mouth while speaking or eating. Over time, this could cause serious damage to the jaw, potentially even leading to disorders of the joint. In addition to this, it is much more difficult to clean misaligned teeth, increasing one's chances of developing oral diseases or being diagnosed with tooth decay.

For many years, the only solutions to these issues were metal braces. Metal braces are comprised of two primary parts: posts that are affixed to the teeth and metal wires. The metal wires are attached to each of the posts and tightened at regular intervals. These dental appliances worked wonderfully, but some wish to avoid some of the disadvantages.

For those that would like a more advanced option, Invisalign aligners may be the correct choice. These are invisible trays that are made custom for every single patient and will be worn for several months or years. Much like braces, they put pressure on the teeth, slowly bringing them back into alignment. There are a few conditions that may need the use of braces as an alternative to Invisalign aligners however.

Any person that does not have all of their permanent teeth fully grown will most potentially need braces. If there are any major problems with tooth decay or gum disease, these conditions may also need to be treated first. For the countless other patients, Invisalign aligners will often be the best option in order to transform one's smile quickly, painlessly, and permanently.

Dr. Mondavi offers Invisalign treatment as well as braces. Invisalign aligners are great for individuals who want a straight set of teeth, but without having to use metal braces.