Robert A. Compton, executive producer of the Two Million Minutes series on global education, is proud to announce the release of his new documentary “Win in China The Movie”. Compton, American venture capitalist, entrepreneur and Harvard MBA, has teamed up with award winning filmmaker Ole Schell to bring the story of China‘s entrepreneurial explosion to the screen.

The DVD is being released across the country and M /s Flat World Technologies (P) Ltd have taken up the distribution of the DVD in India. The DVD can be ordered online by logging on to and is priced at Rs. 600/- per copy.

Like Two Million Minutes (, Win in China takes an in-depth look at the planet‘s most populace country and the massive economic engine its Communist leadership has created.

Win in China is a documentary about Entrepreneurship in China. The documentary is framed by highlighting the Chinese reality TV show "Win in China". It uses the world‘s largest and most lucrative business plan competition broadcast on CCTV - as the metaphor to explore the radical cultural changes taking place in China and to consider the implications for the rest of the world of the surge of Chinese entrepreneurs.

In fact, the world‘s largest and most lucrative business plan competition is held not in the United States or in any Western country but in the Far East in Communist China.
Over 120,000 entrepreneurs compete for prize money in excess of $5 million with the winner receiving nearly $1.5 million to invest in their new business plan. Win in China is more than a lucrative business plan competition it is an opportunity for the government to educate, motivate and inspire the latent entrepreneurial talent in the most populous nation on earth.

"China is winning the global race to create the most entrepreneurial economy on the planet." stated Robert A Compton. "Their investments in entrepreneurial infrastructure dwarf India's, America's and the European Union's."He added "Chinese entrepreneurs are poised to dominate many of the leading industries of the 21st century - to the detriment of the rest of the world's jobs base."

Initiated by Deng Xiaoping in 1978, this economic miracle has been driven primarily by large, established companies and by direct foreign investment. The leaders in the Politburo, mostly trained as engineers, determined in the 1990‘s that the only way to absorb the more than 20 million new workers entering the Chinese economy in the decades ahead was to turn China into the most Entrepreneurial country on earth. As the most entrepreneurially active country on the planet, China has 112 million people engaged in planning, starting or building new ventures according to the Babson University and London School‘s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.
For the first time, westerners see Chinese capitalism in the rawest form. Superficially similar to western business, Chinese business culture is unique. Beneath the game show‘s surface lies a nuanced, subtle view of Chinese business practices, ambitions, ethical norms and competitive behaviors.

About Win in China
´Win in China‘ is a story of China‘s Entrepreneurial Revolution. The movie shows exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the reality show and has extensive interviews with the creators, contestants, and observers of the show. The film is compellingly narrated by Atlantic Monthly reporter and author James Fallows and by China expert Orville Schell, the Arthur Ross Director, Center on U.S. China Relations, Asia Society.