Wrongful retention of kidnapped German boy might lead to multiple killings

Stephan Schuermann has become increasingly popular not for the best of reasons. The life and future of the German citizen and father of Duke Sean Schuermann, and that of his son has been under threat since his former partner, Jubilie Anqui, forcefully and illegally retained his son in the United States.

Jubilie Anqui has kidnapped their son against his wish and that of his father, no thanks to the support of her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick and the negligence of top government officials and more notably the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. According to Stephan Schuermann, several letters have been written to the President and other persons in high places in the government of the day, without any action taken.

Stephan Schuermann has particularly identified Donald Trump for his negligence and paying lip service to the fight against illegal immigration, which was part of his campaign promises. He also mentioned the likes of Governor Rick Scott and Trey Gowdy as part of the officials he has constantly written to without getting any response.

Consequently, the father of the kidnapped son has announced that he will exposing how these officials turned deaf ears to his several letters and why the people of America should prepare towards voting them out in the next elections. The negligence of these individuals has proven their inefficiency on one hand and their indifference about the lives of innocent Americans on the other.

The names of these criminal, lawless and corrupt judges are: judge Marry Koch Polson, judge Michael A. Flowers, judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, judge Terrence Ketchel, (Okaloosa County Court, Florida). In addition, there is mentally disturbed judge Richard McKelvie (Utah Court) who all have dubiously supported Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick who works at www.majordrilling.com , consequently aiding and abetting the harboring of two illegal immigrants.

All the details of Stephan Schuermann letters and how he has been trying fervently to ensure the return of his son will be detailed as part of the updates on the website. www.seanschurmann.com

About Stephan Schuermann

Stephan Schuermann is a German citizen and father of kidnapped son Duke Sean Schuermann. After Jubile Anqui, an illegal Filipino alien and the mother of Duke Sean kidnapped him a couple of years ago, Stephan Schuermann has written to people in the seat of power to ensure the prompt and safe return of his illegal immigrant son, without avail.

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