XY-Global, a manufacturer of CNC Precision Machining, Die casting, & Assembly

There are few companies, like XY Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., are willing to spend their time and energy to do their business to the extreme.

XY Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., a an international company, established in 2005, focus on the production of Die Casting Parts , CNC Machining Parts , CNC Lathe Machining, Stamping Parts, etc. With research and development team, sales team and production team in Shenzhen and Dongguan, ales office in the USA and Israel, XY-GLOBAL has many customers around the global.

As a manufacturer of Metals Assembly and Integration, it is undoubtedly excellent.

XY-GLOBAL has the strict quality control system and professional inspection report and COC reports and ROHS reports, SGS analysis Reports and PMEA reports. "Employees of XY-GLOBAL do not allow any accidental interference with quality." said by one of the workers of XY-GLOBAL."The enter team is committed to providing customers with the best quality and best service"

XY-GLOBAL's seriousness in the CMM Inspection shows perfectly. From brand selection of CMM machines to CMM reports, CMM testing and software processing, and CMM CMM testing products, each step is precisely controlled. Nine years’ experience brought to this company is not only superb technology and perfect management, but also a spirit of enterprise that is serious and responsible to customers.

In CNC Maching workshop, everyone would see their professional qualities. They use TOYO Die casting processing, one of the most efficient machines to guarantee their production speed. Sand blasting processing and polishing looks like a performance of art.

IPQC Inspection and Visual Inspection and burring ensure every product is perfect.

6 engineers reuse their wisdom in design assistance. They have the strong enigneers and designing team to prepare for the 2D and 3D drawing and sales team with fluent foreign language. It looks like there are nothing they can’t design according to customer’s requirement.

As a high precision die casting parts and cnc machining parts partner with 9 years profuction experiences, XY-GLOBAL never disappoint.

Media Contact:
Company Name: XY Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Ivy Liu
TEL: 86-755-82737317 / 86-755-82737469
E-mail: sales.china@xy-global.com
Website: http://www.xy-global.com


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