Brillertek‘s new version of face recognition solution FaceAether Pro is available to login and manage your various mails with your face ….

Brillertek Corporation will release a new version of their facial recognition software FaceAether Pro in this December, adding several very exciting features and improvements on the basis of FaceAether—for Windows login.

First, and probably most important, is the PasswordManager. It‘s more safe, smart quick and easy. Accomplished by improved algorithms, this feature may lead you login your various kinds of web more quickly, easily and securely. You would no longer to remember kinds of password. You can just build a template and can login your MSN Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Google Gmail, Facebook etc…easily.

Secondly, FaceAether Pro not only can ensure you manage your emails with ease but also can make the third part like a naked mouse on the street. According to Yenmu Hwang, Brillertek‘s senior Software Manager indicated that their face recognition software developed and operated by Brillertek can detect 10 times at least per second and the recognition procedure always finished soon while you just smile to the PC. On the other hand, FaceAether Pro is able to keep the third party‘s face image and you will know who touch your cheese once you are away from your PC.

The expert point out that the face recognition will be widely used in the near future. In the technology filed, it‘s offensive and safe, and it can be used both indoor and outside; in your daily work, the face recognition software makes it quick and simple for users to login their PC or manage mails.

About Brillertek
Brillertek Corporation is composed of R&D engineers (average age of 30) with highly innovative and enthusiastic spirit. They are dedicated to the development in the area of face recognition solution and its related applications. “Let users operate by instinct” is the ultimate spirit of these engineers while developing the No. 1 face recognition software: 1) most compatible 2) swiftest recognition speed, and 3) most precise.

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