The best way to fill up an e cigarette cartomizer is by using a syringe & that's what we will show you how to do today. There's several varoius ways to fill up your smokeless cigarette cartomizer, however we believe this is the fastest and quickest way to carry that out.

You're going to need a few items prior to you start. E-liquid, an empty electronic cig cartomizer, electronic cigarette battery to do the testing once were done and a syringe. This vapor cigarette syringe were using has a three ML capacity, a 18 gauge needle is about one and a half long. So let's grab the E juice, get rid of the cap from the syringe. Before we draw the liquid out we want to make sure the plunger is down all the way. Get the bottle in your hand, the needle in the other. Aiming for the nipple of the bottle, inject the needle right into it. The 18 gauge needle fits easily and goes in like butter. pull back the pludger on the syringe. Be cautious the 18 gauge can be drawn very quickly. So, you may want to do it little by little. I like to do a half a ML for each electronic cig cartomizer. Now, lets pull on the plunger. Now, pull straight up & now you have your E-liquid in your syringe.

Today, were going to inject it into the cartomizer. We have two cartomizers here one with the cap on and one with the cap off. The one with a cap off has an intake hole that connects to the other end of the cartomizer. If want to be sure that you stick the needle straight in and inject the fluid into the smokeless cigarette cartomizer. If you do this, you'll risk your smokeless cigarette leaking on other side. This could risk damaging it. Grab your electronic cig cartomizer & Instead of diving straight into the vapor cigarette cartomizer. Tilt your vapor cigarette cartomizer upwards, use the needle to hit the wall and push it in.

You might feel some roughness when you push your syringe into the electric cigarette cartomizer. The resistance is the poly fiber that you are puncturing which is what you want to do in order to inject the fluid in there that is absorbed by poly fiber material. Tilt it up, hit the wall. Fill up your poly fiber, Get your syringe needle and push roughly about 1/2 way through using your e cig cartomizer.

Another thing we like to do is inject about half of the E liquid in the syringe take it out and flip it 180 degrees. We may actually hear the needle puncture the smokeless cigarette cartomizer poly fiber when we embark on this. Now go ahead and fill the other side up & that's it for the refill part! Be sure you put your safety cap on the syringe.

Another thing we like to do in order to distrubute the E-liquid accurately. Is to put the e cig cartomizer in your hands & rub back and forth little by little for around 1-2 minutes. In this particular scenario theirs no mess, no leak & is clean and nice.

So now, let's vape on the 808 smokeless cigarette battery. This instance it's much better and a lot more smoke and I can tell wiggling the e cigarette cartomizer around back and forth definitely helped with the vapor production. Usually whenever I'm out of the house I preferably do this. This of course depends on your lifestyle vaping ways & always is sure to keep your syringe, E liquid and other electronic cigarette materials away from pets & children. When you toss out your syringe, be certain to have the cap on the end of the needle point for security reasons.

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