The producers of "Inside Business Report" are pleased to announce a special series, Breakthroughs in Medicine, highlighting cutting-edge advancements, treatments, devices, and technologies in the medical industry. The show marries an unrivaled host, Fred Thompson, with a team of award-winning producers, and provides viewers new information that will impact their lives.

Breakthrough medical technologies are able to detect diseases earlier and offer new, more effective treatment options for leading causes of disability and mortality, such as heart disease, cancer and other illnesses. Advancements in device miniaturization and nanotechnology, molecular and gene-based diagnostics, information technology, and artificial organs and tissue engineering promise to provide innovative solutions to some of the most persistent and debilitating health care problems. Over the years, medical technology innovations have led to decreases in the number of disabled Americans, increases in outpatient and minimally invasive surgical procedures, and shorter hospital stays.

Such innovation bodes well not only for the overall health of U.S. patients, but for the economic health of the medical technology industry, as well. Patients are able to live longer, healthier, more productive lives for far less than it would have cost just a few years ago.

In this "Inside Business Report" series, we‘ll discover the latest breakthrough medical technologies for some of the nation's most prevalent diseases. We'll speak with industry experts and leaders, and explore the implications of such technologies on human life.

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