Diplomacy the IUKENSE country has an absolute monarchy as a system of government. The government is controlled by King Ludwig, and the leaders have been assigned by the king. However, the king is in control and he can put and remove leaders at his own convenience. This does not mean that the country does not allow other people to participate in the running of her affairs. There is active participation by governors who are elected by vote and some by decree.

The congress is controlled by the king. The king also controls the executive, the legislative, judicial, but we are not an autocracy. Everyone is allowed to do their part and we make an absolute capitalist where you can make all the money you want. And nobody is going to take it away from you. Nobody can also take properties from the rightful owners. Properties and heritage is protected by law and by unbreakable law.

Our country has rights and we respect property rights, as well as security and protection rights. Any member of the country can make all the money they want or have as much heritage and properties as they desire. Citizens are encouraged to work and make money. The government does not restrict the freedom and right to opportunities of progress by law.


The IUKENSE country is a nation of rights. We are not an autocracy, or communism. Although it is a different system, we offer good guarantees with our trust money. We have insured up to 250,000 grand dollars. King Ludwig invites people from all over the world to apply for our IUKENSE citizenship.

IUKENSE Government
King Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburg Sobieski Stewart De la Vega
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Absolute Monarchy Country
King Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburg Sobieski Stewart De La Vega.