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  • What is Omnichannel?

    Omni-channel marketing is a relatively new phenomenon. It is gaining weight in developed countries and has recently migrated to our reality. Localization gives us the term Omnichannel as the most accurately conveying meaning. There is a desire to call this technology Multi-channel / multi-channel, but in this case, we will make a mistake. Managed infrastructure […]

  • Cloud or On-Premise Ecommerce Platform

    Should You Choose a Cloud or On-Premise E-commerce Platform? Cloud services are one of the most popular technologies news topics today. More and more enterprises are using the hybrid, public and private clouds as an IT business platform maintained by Managed lan. E-commerce is one of the industries where cloud computing services play a major […]

  • Take Your B2B Platform beyond the Cart

    The main volume of operations is carried out in electronic markets using B2B models, which have some similar features. For example, an electronic store (book, computer) can be equally used by individual buyers and businesses. The B2B model of e-commerce includes a wide range of transactions between enterprises, including wholesale, the purchase of resources, technology, […]

  • What is an Ecommerce Platform?

    We are sure that all users reading this article are aware of how important the Internet is in their life. The global network has opened up for people not only a number of cognitive opportunities but also brought communication between users to a whole new level! Therefore, it was not news for anyone that the […]


    Most of the Business analysts introduces Microsoft Power BI platform in companies of various sizes – from agricultural holdings to retail chains. Why do businesses need to visualize data, what analytics automation problems will solve, and what are the main advantages of Power BI? Customer Analytics In the modern world, information is the most valuable […]

  • What are the new changes in Microsoft Outlook?

    In April 2018, Microsoft has started to test a completely new Outlook user interface for Windows. Initially, the web version of underwent a redesign, the results of which are already visible to ordinary users. Now, a corporate switch has also become available to corporate users, with which it is possible to get early access […]

  • An automatic prediction suite for cloud resource provisioning

    There are mainly two types of clouds – public cloud (provision of cloud services and resources to a large number of clients using publicly accessible large data centers) and private cloud (the organization’s own cloud infrastructure). The public cloud allows you to translate all relevant costs into operating costs and provides a quick and inexpensive […]

  • Infrastructure Security And Network Security

    What Is Infrastructure Security And Network Security? Now that almost all critical information within a business is digitalized, sufficient security is of utmost importance. Like all things in the tech world, security comes in many sizes, shapes, and capabilities which can make it tricky to understand what is needed and how it will perform. In […]

  • Benefits Of IT Network Monitoring

    As businesses expand, network management becomes increasingly vital to the overall production and health of the IT department. Infrastructure develops at a rapid pace and with that comes a need for advanced security and consistent maintenance. This article is designed to outline the main benefits of IT network monitoring and provide advice on how to […]

  • Cloud Computing Landscape

    Define the Cloud Computing Landscape Beginning of this article let some basic inquiries about Cloud computing. What is cloud computing? What are the cloud services? What is a cloud site? What does the cloud file storage mean? How is cloud computing used? What is SaaS service for B2C and B2B sales? What are SaaS ERP […]

  • Unfoldu Group To Launch $100 Mn STO Offering

    Unfoldu Group is proposing to raise US $100 mn through a blockchain Securities Token Offering to finance its mega school based online education platform. Unfoldu Group Limited, Seychelles, the leading India focused online school education platform is proposing to launch US $100 mn Securities Token Offering (STO) in June this year. The company is currently […]

  • Towards energy aware cloud computing application construction

    The idea of cloud computing appeared back in 1960 when John McCarthy suggested that someday computer calculations will be performed using “public tools”. It is believed that the ideology of cloud computing has gained popularity since 2007 due to the rapid development of communication channels and the rapidly growing needs of users. Cloud computing or […]

  • IT Resource management strategies for data centre

    When creating data centers, management issues are often given secondary attention. Nevertheless, analysts note a trend characteristic today for this market where the number of data center automation projects is growing. The incentives for the introduction of such systems are changes in the infrastructure of data centers associated with virtualization, high density of equipment, the […]

  • Classifying malware attacks in IaaS cloud environments

    Classifying malware attacks in IaaS cloud environments For the management of companies, the first barrier to cloud deployment is maintaining an adequate level of security. But many security technologies in the cloud infrastructure become a hindrance and do not allow realizing the necessary business functionality. This is a great concern for all IT Support Services […]


    Software developers and Software as a service (SaaS) providers, who have long benefited from significant savings in cloud computing, now have many options for configuring public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Though permutations and combinations of the many options are available, it could be difficult to set up a cloud for maximum price and performance. […]

  • Inspiration and Motivational Fitness Enthusiast Launches Her New Blog– Thickfit by Schlond

    Inspiration and motivational fitness enthusiast and consultant, Schlond is excited to announce the launch of her blog – Thickfit by Schlond. The blog will focus on motivating and inspiring women to take tailored actions that can enhance their personal development. “I began this blog after so many successful months of helping many fitness enthusiasts and […]

  • Harvie and Hudson 70 Years of Bold British Style

    70th Anniversary Event in collaboration with London Fashion Week Men’s This year marks Harvie and Hudson’s 70th year of innovation, originality and creativity. We are excited to celebrate seven decades of British luxury shirt making. It all began with the discovery of stripe pyjama patterns that led Harvie and Hudson to create a wardrobe for […]

  • What Are the Best Tax Credits for Education 2019, 2020?

    Traverse City MI, 05/13/2019 – Students who would like to get a bit of respite on the high cost of their education will find a new blog post on American Tax Service very resourceful. The post offers some insight into two of the best educational tax credits available to them in the upcoming tax year. […]