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  • SPINVR partners up with PayPro Global for global takeover

    SPINVR, the world-renowned team of creatives in the virtual and augmented reality field has partnered up with PayPro Global, all to drive global success. With virtual reality being what it is, a force to be reckoned with, a team of creatives as dedicated as SPINVR, with 30 years of leadership in this market, have reached […]

  • How Soon Can You Get Tax Refund for 2018, 2019 with TurboTax?

    Traverse City MI – If you intend to receive your tax refunds as quickly as possible after filing your returns, then there are a few key things you can do to quicken the tax refund process. In a recent post, National Tax Report reveals what steps you must take to get the quickest refund possible […]

  • The New Accelerated Filing Deadlines for 1099s and W-2s in 2018, 2019

    Traverse City MI, 11/29/2018 – The Protecting Americans From Tax Hikes Act (PATH Act) from 2015 was introduced with the sole aim of reducing the amount of tax fraud in the United States. It was becoming somewhat of a disturbing trend for identity thieves to file very early into the tax season so they could […]

  • Dr Gordon Fimreite 15 Steps to Healthy Living Wins Beverly Hills Book

    Beverly Hills, California – The 7th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards® recognized 15 Steps to Healthy Living by Dr. Gordon Fimreite as the winner in the category of Well-Being. Established in 2013, the Beverly Hills Book Awards® competition is judged by experts from all aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book designers […]

  • Elite Experts Management Gives Back to the Community through “Helping Hands”

    A local marketing and advertising firm in the Modesto, California area, Elite Experts Management works with some of the top Fortune 100 clients in the nation. Giving back the local community is a big part of the culture that Elite Experts Management has created along with internal advancement and a team environment. Just recently Elite […]

  • Gents Unlimited Launches Novio, the Gentleman’s Grooming and Beard Kit.

    Fairfax, VA – Gents Unlimited, a veteran-owned business that prides itself in creating the best beard grooming accessories available on the market recently announced it just launched Novio, a grooming and beard kit for men who would like to make a statement with their facial hair. Novio consists of a beard oil, beard balm, beard […]

  • Important Things to Note about the New IRS 1040 for 2018, 2019

    Traverse City MI – Recently, the IRS released a draft of the new IRS 1040 Form – A sleek, simplified tax form the size of an average postcard. The new draft may seem a bit confusing as it is significantly different from the previous one. So to help taxpayers across the country get a better […]

  • New Tax Credits and Deductions for 2018, 2019

    Nov 18 – 2018 Traverse City MI – Tax credits and deductions are meant to help taxpayers easily reduce their tax bills and maximize on savings. While tax credits can be more advantageous as they are subtracted from ones tax liabilities and reduces ones tax bill dollar-for-dollar. Deductions, on the other hand, are subtracted from […]


    Initiative to Be Unveiled at USC’s Conquest Rally/UCLA League of Legends Exhibition Match on Thursday, November 15. (LOS ANGELES, CA) – USC Games, a collaboration between the USC School of Cinematic Arts’ Interactive Media & Games Division (IMGD) and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science, has established the USC Esports Union […]

  • Celebrities, Buyers & Fans Flood Marko Stout’s NYC Show!!

    ART NEWS: Manhattan, New York – Manhattan’s Chelsea art district was flooded earlier last month with A-list celebrities, art buyers and a crowd of over 3,500 fans eager to meet the city’s hottest artist and view his latest “Erotic Allure” series exhibited at Caelum Gallery.  Art icon Marko Stout’s exhibition had all the hoopla of […]

  • Sign up for TurboTax Discount Alert 2019 at File My Taxes Online.

    Traverse City MI – Interested in putting more money into your pockets this tax season? Then signing up to receive TurboTax discount promo codes alert on File My Taxes Online should be your next move. Intuit Inc., owners of TurboTax America’s No.1-rated best-selling tax software will announce a Discount Coupon Code Offer sometime in late […]

  • Everything you need to know about New Child Tax Credit 2018, 2019

    Traverse City MI – First introduced in 1997, the child tax credit (CTC) was a simple non-refundable credit for $400 and it applied to each qualifying child below the age of 17. Over the last 20years, a lot has changed with the child tax credit. But what makes the new Child Tax Credit any different […]

  • How to Estimate Your 2018, 2019 Tax Refund at H&R Block Revealed

    Traverse City MI – The tax industry isn’t short of tax refund calculators which allow users to estimate their refund before even filing a tax return. However, finding the easiest and fastest calculator to use could be a bit daunting. American Tax service, an online blog dedicated to helping Americans file their taxes easily and […]

  • File My Taxes Reveals the Best Two Online Tax Software Services Free

    Traverse City MI – Tax season is almost upon us and a lot of American taxpayers will be hoping to file their taxes online. Using the best online tax software will not only ensure a stress-free experience it will also help taxpayers maximize their returns. File My Taxes Online, a blog dedicated to helping Americans […]

  • Elite Experts Management Inc. Announces Expansion Plans into Salt Lake City

    Modesto, Ca — The marketing firm, Elite Experts Management Inc., has recently announced that the company will be expanding from their current location in California into the Salt Lake City, Utah market. As a marketing and advertising firm, employees at Elite Experts Management Inc have differentiated themselves by creating a personalized experience for both clients […]

  • National Tax Report Reveals the Best W-2 Form Finder Online

    Traverse City MI – As we gradually approach tax season, National Tax report, an independent tax policy research organization has just recently published a post on its website detailing the two best W-2 form finders online. The post highlights the TurboTax W2 finder and the H&R Block W2 finder as the best W-2 form finders […]

  • Get the Earned Income Credit (EIC) Table on National Tax Report

    Traverse City MI – The Earned Income Credit was passed in 1975 and is today one of the most successful tools in helping working families with a low to moderate income fight poverty. But recent research by an independent tax policy research Organization, The National Tax Report has shown that nearly one in four Americans […]

  • Tillsonburg C.A.R.S Now Trades as

    Ontario, Canada – The industry is ever changing and so are businesses. After operating for 18 successful years as Tillsonburg C.A.R.S, the company commits to a change setting another milestone for them. They took the significant step in rebranding and renaming their business to From the beginning 18 years ago, they have remained consistent […]