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  • Engagedly announces TOP 100 HR INFLUENCERS OF 2018

    St. Louis, MO – August 20, 2018 – Engagedly is proud to announce its list of “Top 100 HR influencers of 2018”. Innovation and progress in the field of HR would not have been possible without the dedication and contributions of these professionals. While many of the influencers were also on the 2017 list, this […]

  • CryptoCurrency Anonymous Testnet Live, and New advisors Announced

    A live testnet, new additions to the team, and increased rewards for masternodes are some of the developments that have occurred as the Anonymous (ANON) team readies for the public debut of ANON coin in September 2018. ANON is intended to address the need for a cryptocurrency that provides anonymity to users, is adoptable on […]

  • USA Manufacturing Company, Premier Mop & Broom’s Private Label Program

    Corona, CA – Since 1935, Premier Mop & Broom has been providing the best in products for the cleaning industry. They have premium cleaning products proudly made in the U.S. for over 70 years. “It was the vision of the founders to make everything here. It is a policy that has continued until today and […]

  • Solve.Care and The Dinocrates Group partnered to deliver next generation healthcare

    (US, Delaware – Aug.15) — Solve.Care, a healthcare administration, coordination and payments platform, has announced the partnership with The Dinocrates Group to deliver the next generation of blockchain-based healthcare benefits management solutions to Government clients in the US. The Dinocrates Group is a boutique strategy and technology advisory firm that is headquartered in Rockville. Dinocrates’ […]

  • National Tax Reports Brings Earned Income Credit (EIC) Advantage Awareness To Taxpayers

    Great News For Taxpayers In The Low Income Level To Get A Better Tax Refund United States, 16 August 2018 — National Tax Reports, a reliable online Tax Information Company is pleased to bring to the awareness of taxpayers the Earned Income Credit (EIC) table. The company which prides itself in providing one-of-a-kind tax information […]

  • National Tax Reports Reviews How Trump’s Taxation Plan Will Change Things

    Expert Review What Is In The Offing For Taxpayers As Trump’s New Tax Act Comes Into Effect. United States, 16 August 2018 — National Tax Reports, a reputable Tax Information Company is pleased to announce the release of its new financial analysis on President Trump’s Tax Plan: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which became […]

  • Tax Payment Made Easy As Taxpayers Can Now Import Their W2 Form

    Turbo Tax Simplifies And Organize The Tax Payment System For Tax Payers Through W2 Form Importation Turbo Tax, a reliable online Tax Information Company has officially announced the release and continuous use of its W2 Form Importation—a new tax form documentation system that enables taxpayers to import their W2 form directly from their employers and […]

  • Heal America’s Divisions by Understanding our Identity

    West Chester, PA – The United States of America’s national identity is not merely a scientific concept or an abstract term. It is not merely a political tool or a subject of academic discussions. Our national identity is embodied in us; it is made of flesh and blood. Our identity is living entity; it is […]

  • Murad Islamov: The 19-year-old with the world at his feet

    The 19-year-old US soccer sensation and social media star snapped up by Professional teams Aside Christian Pulisic, U.S. soccer now has a new young prospect to pin its hopes on. His name is Murad Islamov. He is a 19 years old from New Hampshire who plays as a center forward or winger. Murad Islamov comes […]

  • Environmental Resources for Drinking Water Standards

    Quick and easy access to water quality standards A free resource is available for compiled environmental guidelines and standards on the ESdat website. The resource includes standards and guidelines for the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and WHO. Standards are available for air, water and soil and feature drinking water standards. Life depends on […]

  • Jami Berger, Arizona Care Network, announced as a part of Care.Card

    US, Delaware — The Care.Card UX Contest by Solve.Care welcomes Executive Director at Arizona Care Network (ACN), Jami Berger, to the judge’s panel. The contest judges are tasked with picking the best prototypes from all of the contest submissions and awarding prizes accordingly. The goal of the contest was to involve UX designers and React […]


    HE GROWING ECOMMERCE NETWORK IS TAKING ONLINE SHOPPING TO THE NEXT LEVEL BY MAKING THINGS EASY FOR THE ONLINE SHIPPING COMMUNITY Miami, FL, USA – August 4, 2018: EShop USA Inc has proudly announced that it is expanding its operations by increasing the amount of its available shipping locations throughout the United States. The company […]

  • Rideshare Company Expands to Offer Valet Service in Metropolitan Areas

    Detroit, Mich. – CueRide, a new rideshare company founded by James Whitaker, is pleased to announce they are expanding their offerings beyond a simple ride for a customer. CueRide will offer a valet service in three metropolitan locations: Detroit, Mich.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Atlanta, Ga. The surrounding neighborhoods of Atlanta will also be serviced […]

  • Rhythm Systems’ 2018 Breakthrough Conference Announces Exclusive Session Featuring Insights

    This year’s Breakthrough Conference features the new Breakthrough Talks speaker session. The conference will take place October 11-12 at the Charlotte Marriott Center City in Charlotte, NC. CHARLOTTE, NC – Rhythm Systems’ Breakthrough Conference — the premier conference for mid-market growth companies — is introducing a TED talk-inspired Breakthrough Talks event that will be showcased […]

  • The Marshall Islands Goes Crypto

    The small nation of about 53,000 people is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is quietly working on a project that could have a major impact on how cryptocurrency is treated by both investors and government actors. The Marshall Island is launching its own national cryptocurrency token named the Sovereign, or SOV, which […]

  • Mann-Kendal Trend Analysis Software

    Quick and easy Mann Kendall Trend and Linear Regression Analysis ESdat Environmental Data Management Software is used to validate, import, analyze and report a broad spectrum of Environmental Data as Exceedance Tables, Graphs, Maps, and statistics. ESdat includes modules to calculate Mann Kendall Trend Analysis and Linear Regression Analysis on your dataset. Mann-Kendal trend analysis, […]


    Call for a best-selling author and acknowledged professional skill development expert to discuss how to build confidence in any child so they can resist the cycle of bullying. Scot Schwichow is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, fitness and martial arts coach, podcaster and author of the best-selling Samurai Parenting Secrets: 7 Steps to Give Your Child […]

  • How One Digital Marketer’s Inspiring Story Amassed 1.7M Followers

    Nathan Allen Pirtle believes his purpose is to help leaders understand how to use social media to connect authentically. “First, it was radio, then it was television, and now it is social media,” Pirtle says. Pew Research Center, as of January, 70% of Americans use social media for entertainment, connection, and news. “Social media helped […]