Pay it forward act at Fritz‘s inspires more good deeds

For more information, contact: Debbie Fritz, 314-630-0626; [email protected]
OCTOBER 2, 2009

Recently after pulling up to the drive thru window at Fritz‘s Frozen Custard‘s O‘Fallon store located at 2453 Hwy K, OFallon, Mo. a customer handed the register person a card that read “” and said they would like to pay for the desserts ordered by the car behind them in addition to their own. The Fritz‘s staff member obliged and informed the next car what the customer in front of them had done. “The customers receiving their desserts at no charge were so surprised and taken back with the kind act, they said they would like to buy desserts for the people in the car following them,” said Debbie Fritz, co-owner of Fritz‘s since 1983 with husband Terry Fritz. “This went on for eight cars! “Though amounts paid by customers varied, a similar look of joy and satisfaction was evident on the faces of every customer that decided to pass on the good deed they had received.” Fritz added.

“Like a ripple, many people were positively affected by this one kind act,” noted Fritz. “Those on the receiving end were amazed and inspired to ´pay it forward.‘ “And our entire crew was uplifted by the good deeds they were witnessing,” added Fritz.

This event prompted us to go to “” where we learned that the encouragement of good deeds and their subsequent impact are evidently the goal of the not-for-profit organization which bares the same name. According to its local founder, Chris Norman, the organization was launched to do good deed‘s nationwide and eventually worldwide. The site helps users to track the good deed they do by use of Good

Deed cards that the organization supplies at no cost. “It was this card that was initially presented to our register person at Fritz‘s that began the chain of good deeds that took place at our store.” Fritz noted.

“Our way of showing our appreciation to our customers and acknowledging their kind acts, was to put a letter in our windows that detailed the event,” explained Fritz. “We continue to be amazed at how many customers, after receiving their desserts, remain long enough to finish reading the good news contained in the note,” she added. Just recently after reading the letter at the drive-thru window, a customer said they wanted to buy desserts for the people in the car behind them. “When the two teenagers pulled to the window and were informed of what had happened, they were ecstatic,” said Fritz. “Although they did not choose to pay for the car behind them, we figure they enjoyed the act of kindness and, most likely, did pass it one by telling others of their good fortune,” commented Fritz.