10 email strategy factors to audit your email marketing effectiveness

(12PressRelease.com) Despite the growth in popularity of social media marketing and Online Marketing, email marketing remains the best customer communications tool for most companies since:

- More personally relevant emails can be delivered as subscribers are targeted by:
o Demographics like age, gender, geography
o Previous purchase or download categories
o Time since previous interaction
o Position in lifecycle new customers are sent different messages from old
o Following up on a website interaction like a search, category browse or an abandoned shopping cart if your systems are joined up
- Offers and content can be inserted dynamically into the email to target with these techniques
- Cut-through and overall response is greater with response occurring over 12-48 hours rather than 1-2 hours more typical of Twitter and Facebook
- Response measurable at individual level offering better follow-up on customer interest via additional emails or other channels
- It can be integrated with social media activities to increase engagement with customers

But there are many pitfalls with email marketing such as getting emails delivered through spam filters, displaying properly in different browsers. So to get the most from email marketing a strategy is useful to review your existing approach and improve targeting, frequency and delivery.

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