The internet is a great portal of information and the constant improvements in Internet technology allows for eager wholesale customers to find real wholesale suppliers.

The most common problems that potential wholesale consumers face are scams and miss informative web sites that promise real wholesale contacts but fail to deliver real results.

What are these common seven wholesale scams? Well there are so many scams out there and the list keeps growing as internet pirates come up with new ways to take advantage of honest people looking to start a new career. So the 3 scams that I will list here are just the main ones you have to watch out for.

1. Counterfeit name brand and electronics distributors: These are wicked people that constantly come up with new ways to sell their inferior products to eager wholesale consumers. They will contact you through eBay and ask you if you need a North Face Denali Fleece, for example, at a super cheap price. Most of the times these fake distributers are selling out of China or in big cities such as L.A. and NYC. They have a variety of knock off items such as Nike shoes, Puma, Jordanâ€â„¢s, Juicy Couture and True Religion jeans. Please realize that these are fake knock off look alike imitations and you need to have a real wholesale contract with most of these companies to actually buy these hot commodities wholesale. The rule is the hotter the item is the more likely that it is a fake. Watch out for Chinese websites that sell high end merchandise such as; Coach, Prada, Gucci or Juicy. Use common sense if you want a real guide to buying from real USA distributer check out to get real information about how to start your own wholesale eBay business without joining and monthly networks.

2.Indonesia fake electronics: I found the city of Jakarta to be particularly prone to fake wholesale distributers that will sell you real iphones and real PSPâ€â„¢s or PS3 systems for real cheap. The only problem is they wonâ€â„¢t ship it to you. This happens all the time and donâ€â„¢t be fooled into really good deal they are probably not real.

3.Cherry Picked Lots: Ok so you want to buy in the USA. There are many distributors that are particularly targeting small time eBay beginning entrepreneurs. They can tell by how you talk to them and what wholesale terms that you know etc. They wonâ€â„¢t have a problem to sell salvage second hand cherry picked lots to you and claim that they are very good.

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