Since 1994, "France Alzheimer" and other french associations combine efforts to educate and inform about the disease. International Alzheimer's Day is held Sept. 21 for improving the lives of patients and personnel involved in the patient's life.

Alzheimer is usually diagnosed after 65 years old, first symptoms are often confused with normal aging characteristics. Nowadays is recognized as one of the most costly diseases in developed economies.

Today there is no effective treatment to avoid the disease progression. Proposed interventions are mainly palliative. Given the limitations of the disease and to allow patients to remain at home with some independence, the company PERVAYA has developed and commercialized a new concept in telecare suitable for people with Alzheimer's disease.

The SALVEO system has features that provide family and carers a comprehensive health monitoring of the person:

First of all, no bracelet or other accessory is needed. No manual action is required. The system allows detection of anomalies before they become critical: no awakening, a fall, an abnormal temperature inside the house, sleep disorders, an abnormal unexpected departure from home, an abnormal of use of kitchen and toilets, mobility rates, possibly of gas leak or fire.

Internet access is also available for those involved in the life of the person in order to inform them patient‘s health, real time, thus facilitating monitoring.

The SALVEO system consists of a network of wireless sensors installed on the patient house and a single base transmission. No wiring, the system is easily installed in under an hour. Base transmits the information to a central server, which analyzes data on daily activities. If it detects an emergency or abnormal situation, an alert is sent to a medical centre, a family member, a neighbor or doctor ...

As part of our international development we are seeking for motivated distributors.

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