Today, most of the companies are deciding to switch to cloud technologies, as they help to solve and optimize many tasks. IT Services Nottingham are following a hybrid approach to automatic IaaS service selection in this regard that is ensuring to set up a trouble-free cloud security system for the UK business owners.

Recently, a study was conducted in which relevant members of the information security community and IT Services Company on LinkedIn participated. The vast majorities (71% of respondents) either plan to adopt cloud technologies for work or are already actively using them.

If you have ever had to deal with the formation of an IT budget, then you know that sometimes it is very difficult to explain to management why it is necessary to allocate just such a sum for the purchase of new equipment or upgrade of old. The user base is increasing, “hardware” is becoming obsolete - all this translates into considerable expenses. Such a scheme is difficult to scale and predict the load, especially if the company only enters the market.

In the case of a cloud system, scaling does not cause any difficulties. If the load was calculated incorrectly, then you can easily increase or decrease the number of processors and the amount of allocated memory. In other words, cloud technologies allow you to pay only for the resources you actually use. When the whole system is in the cloud, the concept of a physical server disappears. This allows you to move services from one server to another without causing disruptions.

Cloud technologies for UK business
It is believed that automatic IaaS service, as well as a cloud system, could be used by only IT services company like IT Companies in Birmingham. However, this is not the real case. For example, almost every sort of businesses like Nike or Walmart has moved to the cloud. Initially, the project was conceived as an online store, but the great demand for goods “stimulated” the development of the service and pushed for the opening of the retail network (and the transition to cloud technology).

This cloud is distributed among the most reliable data centers in the UK and abroad, among which we can highlight the Data Space, which has the Tier III reliability level according to the classification developed by the Uptime Institute. Tier III allows multi-user data centers to conduct scheduled repairs and equipment replacement without stopping services, which has a positive effect on user experience.

E-mail clients have been configured to work over IMAP with the highly secured Messaging Server - this is a full-featured, reliable and secure messaging solution. All these are the output of the general impression of positive work and the distribution of resources is quite transparent, that ensures maximum performance in businesses.

“Postamat” is another important factor in automatic IaaS services. The basis of the postman is a PC running Windows Embedded with a router and a controller responsible for opening the cell door. Each postman is connected to the application server via VPN. According to the IT Services company, in order to eliminate system hangs (related to the fact that processing requests, checking orders and fees are performed online), it was decided to organize a second application server with IIS.

IT Companies in Birmingham apply modern cloud technology tools to organize a hybrid cloud and automate the transfer of virtual machines between different data centers and clouds. With the help of backups and manual recovery, mostly large virtual machines with disks of 1 TB were transferred. All other operations were carried out in automatic mode.

Thanks to cloud technology, the move took quite a bit of time. UK companies from a startup have become the market leader in automated points of issue. And a few years of successful use of cloud technologies have shown that the once risky decision to transfer the entire infrastructure to the IaaS cloud was correct.

Cloud security
According to the IT Support Derby Company & Computer Security community survey, 90% of organizations are concerned about cloud security. It is possible that this concern is not groundless. Small and medium businesses are increasingly undergoing DDoS attacks, and their scale has recently increased tenfold. However, the situation with DDoS protection in the UK is not bad and continues to change for the better. In one of our materials, we talked about the DPI technology and the SCAT system, other possibilities and ways to protect against various attacks.