Anves (, which has been in the business of building affordable dropship websites loaded with drop ship products from American drop shippers, is now offering added services to its clients.

In addition to this, the new look and feels of its website make it easily navigable and are very user friendly.

“Though we have basically been building wholesale and dropship websites for our clients according to their specifications,” informs the Anves spokesperson, “we have now added more services to our repertoire.”

The dropship system Anves has been designing for its clients has been the best in the industry. These websites are so designed that clients buy the products directly from the drop shipper, not through the middlemen or even from Anves itself.

“This makes the products on offer more affordable and lighter on the pocket,” informs its spokesperson.

Anves has the ability to take any ideas that the clients have and build perfect websites based on those ideas and still maintain the function ability of their e-Commerce software.

Another service on offer is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The clients who have had their dropship websites created by Anves obviously want quality traffic coming to their websites.

Anves will do exactly this for its clients and “at a fraction of the cost from other SEO Companies.” This, it says, it can do as it is already familiar with the products of its clients as it had helped build the websites in the first place. It assures its clients that it knows how to get their websites higher in all major search engines.

“You obviously don‘t want to sit idly waiting for the traffic to come to your site,” comments the spokesperson, adding, “we have the solution for you with two SEO services to choose from.”

Depending on what a client wants, Anves offers a Do It Yourself SEO service and a Professionally SEO service.

On the Books, Manuals, and Forms page of its website, Anves offers demo of the type of website a client can expect. The page also allows visitors to access sample Getting Started Manual, Importing Products Manual, Meta Tag Dilemma, Search Engine Submission Tools, Credit Application, FTP Request Form, as well as Cancellation Form.

“These will give you an idea of what our experts will design for you,” says its spokesperson.

The total service list offered by Anves includes Layout Design, Website Design, 3D Modeling, Logo Design, Graphics, Interface, Illustration, Advertising, Code Optimization, Consulting, Animation Design, Action scripting, Multimedia Design, Icon Design, Book Cover Design, Website Design, and SEO services.

For its dropship websites, Anves offers five packages. These have the same features, with the difference being in their customization and the SEO work that needs to be done in them.

Visit to learn about the new services on offer by Anves.