January 27, 2020 (SEATTLE) ― In Starbud: The Battle of Zion, writer-director Adam C. Powers seeks to answer the “cannabis conundrum” by taking filmgoers through a not-so-ordinary day-in-the-life of two typical stoners who, upon smoking ganja of mystical origin, find themselves literally transported into an intergalactic battle with forces determined to wipe out all known life in the universe.

Making its debut at the second annual SPLIFF Film Festival on 4/20/20, Starbud goes beyond the stereotypes and tropes found in typical stoner hits like Pineapple Express, Half-Baked, and Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke, to get the audience to ask themselves if weed really is the problem everyone says it is, or is it a problem, because it’s a solution?

Cannabis, or hemp, is considered by many as the plant of life: Henry Ford’s first Model T was made from it. George Washington and other Founding Fathers grew crops of it. Plastics and houses can be made from it. And the federal government even has a patent on it.

Though cannabis is a plant with the power to reduce waste, eliminate reliance on fossil fuels, and reverse the damage done to the planet, it is still illegal, in over a dozen states.

Through Starbud, Powers gives viewers a crash course on the healing powers of hemp, and its ability to save and reshape a distressed planet.

Of Starbud, Powers said, “I want to give people smiles. [And]I want to be an artist who uses his art to change the world.”

He concluded, “If I’m not here to do that, [then] why am I here?”

For more information on Starbud: The Battle of Zion, visit starbud.net.

Contributions to the Starbud crowdfunding campaign can be made through the film’s Seed & Spark page.

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