There are all kinds of unique gifts you can purchase for your loved ones, but one that really seems to bring joy to people is the gift of a star. That’s right; you can now name a star after a loved one from the Star Register, and they will receive all of the paperwork and information needed so that they can see this is a legitimate gift.

How Does It Work?

You can take a look at the items available on the Star Register and decide what the best option is. They are as follows:

- Deluxe star kit
- Supernova
- Twin star

You can then compare products to ensure that the right one is chosen for the occasion and your budget. A totally unique gift pack will then be supplied so you can give this to the receiver. Many of the stars in the sky remain nameless, so this is a wonderful, magical, and unique gift that you can give to somebody special.

Once you have given them their star information, they can even visit the website to see it for themselves. The star name, constellation, right ascension, and declination can all be viewed. This is a guaranteed authentic website where you can purchase the name of the star - don’t be fooled by websites that are not authentic.

A Novel Concept - But Is It Real?

Many think that naming a star isn’t real. This is complicated; yes you can name a star and it is officially recognised by Star Register and other legitimate star registry sites. Only 1 name can be registered to 1 star and you get all of the appropriate certification. However, you don't literally own the star. The star is not yours, it is simply named after you/the person you have bought it for. You can name it anything you like, from a pet name to their full birth name, or an inside joke that you share.

There’s an FAQ page on the Star Registry site that should answer any other questions you have regarding naming the star and how the process is carried out. Christmas is coming up so there are sure to be an influx of new stars with new names soon. You can also use the information below if you would like to learn more.

Name: Dean James
Company: Star Register
Address: Star Register, 3823 West Barrow St, Charlestown, California
Email: [email protected]