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With a massive fleet of water tankers Water Direct are the leader supplier of bulk water delivery in the UK, but it‘s not just about quantity.

Essex, United Kingdom, 8th April 2010 Water tankers have always played an important role in helping to provide an emergency water supply or to supply water to a festival, construction site or other location where fresh, clean drinking water is required. But increasingly there have been a number of events in the UK which have required more than just water tankers, because circumstances have resulted in the utility companies facing prolonged disruption, and households left without water for many days or even weeks. In such cases it has been vital for residential customers and utility customers to rely upon a supplier of water tankers and bulk water delivery equipment.
Water Direct is the UK‘s leading supplier of alternative water supply solutions, bulk water deliveries and providers of emergency water supplies, vital during periods where mains water supplies may be interrupted either through damage, contamination, flooding or other circumstances. Water Direct now has a fleet of vehicles able to deal with virtually any emergency, with a range that includes everything from 2,000 litre bowser tanks that can be towed by a car to massive 26,000 litres articulated water tankers.
All of Water Direct water tankers are used solely for transporting fresh, clean drinking water, so that no possible contamination can take place. Whether water is required in emergency situations, for festival events, construction sites or even filling in a swimming pool, Water Direct have the right water tankers for the job, or the right equipment necessary to deliver a solution to virtually any location.
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About Water Direct
Water Direct was established in 1996 and is now the UK‘s leading supplier of bulk water delivery solutions, including water tankers and bowsers.

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