(April 13, 2010) - A joung artist from Lithuania has launched a new collection of dental art. Custom and unique bags, cards, clothing, magnets, mouse pads, mugs, posters, prints and many other products with dental art designs on them. This art collection was inspired by odontology. All of the designs are available at Zazzle (www.zazzle.com), the only on-demand retail platform to offer over 3 billion retail quality, one-of-a-kind products shipped in 24 hours. Products are available for purchase online at www.zazzle.com/jolanta_prunskaite

Designer Jolanta Prunskaite takes pictures of teeth and different pictures of mouth and turns them into unique pieces of arts. There are a lot of different colors and designs that are used in making the art for odontology and if you or someone that you know has dental practice, any of these paintings would be an ideal addition to their home or office. Dental art designs are recomended for odontologists and odontology clinicues. They prerfectly fit for any interior of odontology cliniques.

You can check out dental art designs at www.zazzle.com/jolanta_prunskaite

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Company name: Jolanta Prunskaite designs

Full Contact Details:
Street adress: Skirmanto g.29-1 Kaunas, Lithuania.
Phone: +37067842777,
email: [email protected],
website: www.zazzle.com/jolanta_prunskaite