A7Soft has added full Unicode support to ExamXML, visual XML comparison application. Unicode character encoding provides multilingual environment by recognizing most of the language alphabets: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, etc.

A7Soft is proud to announce the release of ExamXML 4.60. The newest version of the ExamXML gives users a series of important innovations. It fully supports Unicode the industry standard, which means that one XML document can contain symbols from various international character sets (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, etc.). These added competencies further expand the ability of ExamXML to compare and merge XML documents in various encodings.

Previously, Western (ISO-8859-1) was the default character set of ExamXML. This standard supported English and other Latin languages only. Unicode support establishes another level of usability in ExamXML. Users can now compare XML files most of the world's non-Western languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek and Hebrew, among others.

"We are excited about this milestone in ExamXML‘s development," said Markus Gross, A7Soft Vice President. "Enhanced with integrated Unicode support, ExamXML 4.60 is a great example of ongoing commitment to furthering access to the XML document no matter the language of origin.

ExamXML costs $29 (USD) for a single-user license with free upgrades. A site license is also available.
You can find a fully functional trial version from the A7Soft site at http://www.a7soft.com.

About A7soft
A7soft, http://www.a7soft.com, based in Germany, is a company specialized in XML application.
A7Soft provides several XML tools:
ExamXML is a visual XML comparison Windows application,
mdcxml is a command line tool for merging XML documents,
xml2csv converts xml files to csv formats,
JExamXML is a java based XML diff tool.

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