10-27-09 Cleveland Ohio
Thomas D. Zaffer Vice President of Marketing
International shipping is becoming a means to increase Revenue for any Merchant. Ablackhorse.Com feels that we can expand our exposure for our wide array of Pet Product lines thru a well coordinated International Shipping Approach.
Pet Products, Leather Handbags, dog toys, dog collars, dog treats, fishbowls and our other lines of goods are suited for International exposure and the demand is large around the world. Dog Toys, Dog Collars, Pet Beds and Dog Treats are some of the many products desired around the world.
Ablackhorse.com has over 1600 Dog Toys, 400 pet beds, 1000 dog collars and 1400 Dog Treats to choose from, which makes our potential for International exposure great.
Up till now we avoided International Marketing due to the large amount of Fraud on the Internet. But with our International Partner we have been able to reduce fraud to almost Zero.
Some of the other products we market are Ram Mounts, dog food, Pet toys and a wide array of Pet Products.
Ram Mounts are used as Vehicle Mounts, GPS mounts, Aircraft Mounts, Motorcycle Mounts and Marine Mounts.
Some of our Dog Toy Brands include Kong and Booda Dog Toys and some of our Dog Treats Brands include Nylabone, Redbarn and Greenies.
Thomas D. Zaffer
[email protected]
1004 Gulf Rd Elyria, Ohio 44035