Los Angeles, Calif., March 10, 2010—Vivoderm Laboratories LLC (www.vivoderm.com), a natural and scientific skin care company based in Southern California introduces a new acne treatment package designed to combat the embarrassing effects of acne and the scars it can leave behind.

Vivoderm realized the majority of dermatology patients suffer from acne more than any other skin ailment. In response to this information a complete natural anti acne line was created as an alternative to the abrasive, chemical treatments commonly available in the market today.

It was of great importance to Vivoderm that the treatment be as natural and pure as possible and help normalize the skin‘s oil production. What developed was a complete acne treatment package for men and women. The key products include a signature 100% herbal, anti-acne mask, Aloe vera soap and a zinc repairing facial cream.

“The Vivoderm acne treatment package was developed to treat the patient‘s acne in a natural, non toxic, yet very effective way,” states Vivoderm President, Dr. Shawn Adhami, “Acne is attacked from many angles, through a proven system using Vivoderm‘s formulation of natural facial cleanser, 100% herbal anti acne mask, repairing zinc cream and balancing Aloe vera soap. The herbal blend goes deep into pores, binding and absorbing excess sebum (oil) and other impurities like bacteria, toxins and dead skin cells.”

The Vivoderm Anti-Acne Mask contains the key ingredients of rosemary, marshmallow, green tea, vitamin C and oregano. These herbs were tested in various combinations until an ideal balance was found for the effective treatment of acne. This mask contains only the natural herbs not their extracts and incorporates no preservatives or chemicals. The facial mask was formulated to penetrate the skin, unplug pores and create an outlet for impurities while the herbs naturally antiseptic properties attack acne-causing bacteria.

Zinc oxide is the active ingredient in the Zinc Repairing Facial Cream. Zinc is essential for tissue growth and healing and is a natural antiseptic to help fight acne-causing bacteria. Zinc is also known for its ability to protect the skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays, which can increase acne and scarring.

Consistent use of the treatment has been shown to help maintain a healthy skin condition and prevent new acne from forming. Use of this treatment has also been shown to significantly reduce acne scars.

Vivoderm Laboratories LLC (www.vivoderm.com) is a privately owned skin care company based in Southern California, which produces skin care products comprised of natural ingredients in combination with advance scientific formulas to remedy a wide variety of skin problems. Vivoderm is devoted to using the purest natural ingredients to address the growing interest in sustainable products while still providing noticeable results. Developed by a Dermatologist, Vivoderm products have been used by physicians to treat thousands of people with great results. Vivoderm has not conducted, or commissioned any animal testing on ingredients or products.

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