Toronto, Canada- GAO Fiber Optics ( recommends its high performance adjustable digital light power attenuator, which is widely used in optical cable construction and maintenance, fiber optic communications and CATV networks. It quickly regulates power with superior linearity,high accuracy and low insertion loss- this attenuator adjusts the amplitude or power of an optical signal to a desired level without appreciably distorting its waveform.
The adjustable digital light attenuator,GAO 9A,offers FC, ST and SC connectors and a continuous operating time of 6 hours. The fiber optic attenuator offers several attenuation steps including 0.05dB, 1.0dB and 10dB for precise and convenient value setting; the attenuation value can be set in a single step or continuous modes. The attenuator supports standard wavelengths of 1310nm and 1550nm and a maximum optical input power of 33dB. It has a four and a half-digit liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and the functions of auto power-off and low battery indication.Constructed using an advanced cold molding process,this digital light attenuator is durable and suitable for use in harsh environments.
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