Toronto, Canada- GAO Comm ( has rolled out its portable ADSL tester designed for xDSL testing, including ADSL,ADSL2, ADSL2+ and READSL. It is an ideal solution for xDSL installation and maintenance in telecommunication systems. The ADSL tester provides ADSL2 plus auto modem mode and multi modem mode for selection.
GAO Comm's economical ADSL tester, model 332,is an integral tool for the ADSL technicians to test physical line parameters and determine whether a line is fit for xDSL service and its service quality. Physical layer parameter testing includes rate, attenuation, noise margin and output power; the testing data are refreshed automatically.This portable ADSL tester performs PPPoE dialing via the built-in modem and validates the connection between user and ISP. Users can modify the PAP/CHAP, user name and password of PPPoE. The compact ADSL tester offers LED voltage indication and indicates line faults. It also stores up to ninety-nine groups of data and allows record browsing.
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