What is KIDSafe DNA?

A KIDSafe DNA card displays your child‘s current picture, with his/her unique 15 genetic loci DNA profile. Other physical characteristics such as birth date, height, weight, hair and eye color, and/or any unique birth marks or physical characteristics particular to your child, can be included on the card, as well. In the event that your child becomes missing, this information can be given to law enforcement to expedite the search and recovery of your child.

Why do I need KIDSafe DNA?

If you have ever heard of an Amber Alert, then you are probably aware that each day a new alert is posted. A chilling fact that another child has gone missing.

As a Parent, You would do anything, at any cost, to protect your children. What if the worst were to happen to you? What can you do?

In the event that your child may ever need to be identified, with our KIDSafe DNA ID card, you will have your child‘s unique DNA profile on hand.

Over time, pictures will be fade, but the genetic material, that is DNA, stays constant forever.

How Does it work?

Having your child‘s unique 15 genetic loci STR DNA profile can help authorities recover and identity your child quickly. A searchable DNA databank, also known as CODIS, is used by the FBI and local police departments as one of many tools to help locate missing persons. The DNA I.D. procedure used in KIDSafe DNA is CODIS associated and recognized by the FBI. When genetic identification is needed for missing children, KIDSafe DNA is there for you.

No one wishes for the worst to happen, but you can never be prepared enough. Act now! Get your child‘s KIDSafe DNA today!

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