Commercial Loan Modifications:

Similar to residential loan modifications, lenders are often willing to reduce your monthly payment using a number of different methods including reducing your interest rate, lengthening the term of the loan, allowing for interest only payments for a predetermined period, and delaying payment of past due amount to the end of the term of the commercial loan.

Our experience in the realm of commercial real estate and loan modifications allows us to provide owners of commercial real property with the services and expertise they need. Since the investor of commercial loans is usually easier to identify and approach, our attorneys are more effective in negotiating a beneficial modification.

Student Loan & Credit Card Modifications:

With the American economy in turmoil it seems that more and more Americans are facing struggling with an inability to pay off their unsecured debts including student loans for themselves or their children. While most people are aware of the potential benefits of seeking a loan modification for their home mortgage, most people do not realize that the same relief may be available for their Student Loans and credit cards. As Loss Mitigation Professionals it is OUR job to EDUCATE our clients!!!

We also service residential and vechile loan mods as well.

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