South Australia, 7th April 2010: Formula Calculator is a developer of formula calculator products, a fresh concept in software calculator technologies. Unlike other calculators where calculations can only be entered by pressing buttons, the products of Formula Calculator allows feature pasted-in and full typed-in calculations too. Apart from unique calculators, the company offers onsite training and personalized calculator development.

The extensive range of calculators offered by the company, including FC Lite, FC free, FC Max, FC Arithmetic, and FC Scientific, adds to the delight of users. Scientific calculator is a powerful calculator that offers a complete range of mathematical functions, operators, and simple statistics.. Hints, tooltips and context sensitive help are available with the scientific calculator, and all other calculators offered by the company. You can check out the User Manual for finding out the complete description of this type of calculator. It displays all the features offered by the calculator for your convenience.

Whether it is scientific calculator, trigonometry calculator or edit box calculator, the company offers each formula Calculator at an affordable price. By buying these calculators in bulk, you can not only make the formula calculation easy but can save money too. You can also download the free calculator software to check its efficiency by visiting the website. Relish many benefits by investing in calculators that are offered by the company.

The Formula Calculators offers greater efficiency while saving your time. The simple to use calculators will add to your delight. Powerful, automatic, and flexible calculators will let you deal with problems without any hassles. You can use the windows controls as well as edit boxes for the calculation entries. Short learning curve, integration, and compatibility offered by trigonometry and other calculators make them better than the ones offered by other companies. No matter you are using edit box calculator or any other software calculator; you can enjoy the accuracy and safety offered by them.

All the products offered by the company have new concept features, in which calculations can be pasted or typed in multi-line edit boxes and can be evaluated by a single button click. Formula calculation is easy as a breeze with the efficient calculators offered by the company. The calculators offered by the company also let you recalculate for various operations and numbers by clicking and editing single button.

Trigonometry calculator and others offer multiple calculation features that do all the calculations in a single click. You can do the same calculations with different numbers using these calculators. The single step calculations are offered by no other company‘s calculators. Product concepts including that of a formula calculator offered by the company allow you to make calculations in a single step. With better efficiency and lesser scope for risk, these automatic and single step operated calculators leave very less scope for errors.

The payment mode for buying these calculators is also very simple; you can make the payments using PayPal and download or receive it in email attachment or CD. Download size purchase version of the calculator is less than 1.5MB. You can also consider downloading free calculator software for trail purposes.

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