The recession is hurting everyone including the physicians; therefore, from January 1, 2010, Neva, Inc. will provide its services to physicians and medical practices at a discounted rate of 20%. Neva, Inc. will guarantee an Ivy League educated and highly experienced consultant to provide the services listed below:

1. Interim Practice Administrator - Interim Executive Director /CEO
We provide temporary placement of an administrator to serve the practice for a minimum of two months, while a permanent administrator is being recruited.

2. Outsource Management
We deliver the operational support you need, from day-to-day administration to management of your entire practice.
With Outsource Management Services, you can ensure service-level requirements and optimize your practice, so you can reduce risk, lower costs, and concentrate more on practicing-medicine value.

3. Practice Management Consulting
Expert analysis and guidance through on-site and off-site counsel in all aspect of a medical practice management: finance, compliance, risk management, revenue cycle, trategic planning, marketing, and operations.

Neva, Inc. provides both medical practice management consulting and interim management services. Neva's consultants are highly educated and with combined experience exceeding 70 years in medical practice field.

Sheldon Kohan, MBA
(267) 543-3183