Florida, United States 04-12-2010 - Lawn care is something that a lot of people dread simply because of the, amount of time required to mow the lawn. Moreover it can be a tiring process when done on sunny days. But still people take the trouble of having lush green lawns in their homes and also take care to maintain them well. That‘s because they hand over the task to professional landscapers like Southern Greens Lawn Care.

Southern Greens Lawn Care was founded way back in 1993 with the intention of providing some of the best Tampa lawn care and pest control in Tampa. According to their site SouthernGreens.net their business philosophy is to provide such great services that customers recommend them to friends and family. It must be noted that this business philosophy has really helped them boost their business and become one of the most preferred solution when it comes to Tampa pest control and lawn care.

The Southern Greens Lawn Care services are offered and some really affordable prices, but just affordable pricing is not what makes them so popular. It is the services they offer and the dedication towards providing the best lawn care in Tampa that makes them popular. The affordable pricing is just an added benefit that customers get from Southern Greens Lawn Care. Apart from Lawn care and Pest control in Tampa they also offer tree and shrub treatment. Their Tampa Tree and Shrub treatments ensure that the insects and diseases on your trees and shrubs are controlled so that their growth is enhanced. The trees and shrubs are fertilized with a balanced amount of high grade fertilizers so that they become stronger and have increased resistance to drought conditions. It also makes them resistant to fungal problems. This makes your trees healthier and bloom into beautiful flowers.

They even offer some of the most effective Tampa pest control solution that would help you get rid of all your pest problems. Pest is something that can ruin a home or business establishment so it is important to go in for uncompromised pest control solutions. Southern Green‘s understands this need and have taken up the task of pest control in Tampa. Their once a year pest control service helps you get rid of all unwanted pests both in and out of your house. They use environmental friendly materials that are odorless to make sure all pest problems have been irradiated. Using their Tampa pest control services you can certainly breathe a sigh of relief and live a life free of pests.

About Southern Green‘s

Southern Green‘s is a professional Tampa lawn care service provider. They have been in the business of Tampa pest care, lawn care and Tampa tree and Shrub treatments for more than 17 years. Their goal as a company is to excel in their field so that people recommend them to family and friends. This business principle has lead them forward to become one of the most popular companies that offer the best Tampa lawn care and other such services.

For more information visit: http://www.southerngreens.net