With businesses around the world becoming even more dependent on finding parts and supplies from different places, opportunities in supply chain management are growing at an accelerated rate. For those who are looking at taking advantage of this worldwide trend, having a PhD in supply chain management or an MBA in supply chain management degree can open many doors.

The question is why to get a PhD in supply chain management? The backbone of every organization that offers goods or products to the public needs some form of supply chain management. With parts and products being manufactured around the world, understanding how the supply chain functions provides you with an edge. This is a field in which companies are striving to find a competitive advantage. You can be the person they are looking for by obtaining a PhD in supply chain management or MBA in supply chain management degree.

Even if a company manufactures the goods at their location, they must still pull in needed parts and supplies from different locations. Plus, when it comes to sending out the finished product, the supply chain provides the pathway for that to be accomplished as well.

A full understanding of how the supply chain works, how it pulls together different resources, and the limitations that are part of the system provides you with a competitive edge when seeking employment in this field. To gain that edge, you will need to earn a proper degree.

For young graduates and professionals, it is very beneficial to get a degree in Supply Chain Management. AIMS offers both a PhD in supply chain management and MBA in supply chain management degree. They offer the necessary programs that help top candidates secure high paying positions at organizations around the world. These degree programs are Globally Accredited, and they are offered full-time and part-time through distance learning methods. Program utilizes Scholarly Researched-Based Skills and more.

All students will create a research-based dissertation, engage in promoting practices that are industry-based, and apply the proper methodology that is part of the AIMS instruction. The goal of AIMS is to create a future generation of scholars in the field of supply chain management that compliments their real-world experience.
The AIMS’ PhD in supply chain management faculty will supervise your dissertation. This distance learning program is self-paced, but on average can be completed in two years. It takes about 10 to 12 hours per week in terms of study, by which time you will have learned all aspects of supply chain management.

Those who graduate with either a PhD or MBA in supply chain management degree will be able to incorporate their education with the real-world issues of the supply chain. You will contribute your learned knowledge in the field to the organization. This will in turn provide a competitive advantage as you guide them through the nuances of managing the supply chain.

You will advance your own career as well, using your MBA or PhD in supply chain management degree to become a scholar of logistics that is recognized around the world. As your company grows, so too will your reputation that is backed by a proper degree from AIMS.


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