There is something really special about baby gifts for an entire family. The arrival of a newborn child becomes a reason for celebration for everyone in a household. The best way to celebrate the birth of a child is by gifting personalized gifts such as bibs, kids wall art, blankets, jumpers, growth charts or even baby jewelry. For toddlers, the best gifts would ideally be toddlers‘ books. This is because these children belong to their formative years and books can be great stimulants for their overall mental and psychological growth and development. Books are always appreciated and respected by parents. If you wish to gift something to toddlers, then special books meant for them will be the most useful. Before that, you must know more about these specialized books.

Toddlers‘ books are available in wide selections. Most of them are popular for their promotion of memory and vocabulary, stimulating verbal ability, and even enhancing the relationship between the child and the parent. This is because the child develops a strong bond towards the person who reads out to him or her. Gradually children develop a fascination for reading and learn to read independently. For gifting any toddler such books, you will find a wide range of durable, attractive and safe books available. Baby gifts are categorized mainly in terms of the age of the child or the occasion that is being celebrated. Some of these occasions typically include baby showers, birth of a newborn child, the child‘s first birthday and subsequent birthdays.

For baby showers, where you will be required to give baby gifts to the expecting mother, you must make a choice in terms of the gift‘s utility. The most appropriate and appreciated gifts for such occasions are baby suits, baby blankets, baby baskets having many baby products, cribs and bouncers. On the other hand, while making a selection for toddlers‘ books that you wish to gift, you must keep in mind that such children usually prefer to see books that have big and colorful pictures and enjoy hearing sounds related to the pictures. These children also prefer to turn the pages on their own. Their attention span is rather short and vocabularies are somewhat limited. Thus, you must select books that consider all these factors.

For gifting the best toddlers‘ books, you can ensure that they suit the child‘s preferences by simply making the correct selection in terms of the material and content. For instance, for toddlers who are very young, you can look for books with a hard cover, rounded corner page, light weighted, easy for turning pages, easy to wipe or clean, large sized page and indestructible material such as cloth books and board books. It should have good rhymes and simple texts, should be able to produce some relevant sounds, more pictures than written material, lesser number of pages and should have bright and colorful pictures of simple and familiar objects.

In terms of baby gifts for children over a year, you have better and greater options. These include learning toys, baby pillows, walkers, bath toys, swings, baby slings and baby toys other than toddlers books. Apart from these you can also personalize and customize baby baskets to incorporate a host of gift items. Other gifts for younger babies could include feeding bottle kits, alphabetical curios, teething kits and fairytale figurines.

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