Aluratek Expands List of Innovative Bluetooth Devices

Technology company Aluratek, known for their high resolution digital photo frames has been a leading innovator in the Bluetooth market with their new and inventive products. Their catalog contains now over a dozen solutions that cater to users of wireless devices by offering solutions that add Bluetooth streaming functionality to home entertainment systems, stereos, car stereos and speaker docks or stream music to Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Aluratek also has solutions that will allow users to keep their old analog audio equipment.

The rise of Bluetooth technology has allowed audio and visual products to develop around the technology, making pairing between two devices simple and easy with the use of smartphones and other devices. Aluratek realized that the obvious lack of wires was a huge draw for consumers to scrap older systems in exchange for less bulky equipment. “We wanted to offer our customers a way to keep their older equipment since most of it still works perfectly, or to get even more out of their newer devices like smart TVs. With our pairing devices, they can do it while reducing wires and overall bulkiness” says John Wolikow, CEO at Aluratek. “We even have one that connects smartphones to tape decks via Bluetooth,” said Wolikow. One reviewer on their website who goes by “Kat” said this of her universal Bluetooth audio transmitter: “I picked one of these up so I could watch movies and listen to records while everyone else is asleep… It’s very useful.”

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While the innovative product market continues to grow, so does the market for some traditionally favorite Bluetooth accessories such as stereo headphones, portable speakers, slim keyboards and speaker tablet stands. Aluratek has their own catalog of elegantly designed products in this category that can be found in retail stores such as Target, Best Buy and Walmart, as well as several online vendors.

About Aluratek:

Leading the Digital Revolution, Aluratek was founded in 2006 by a group of industry veterans who are absolutely fascinated with technology. With its corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA, Aluratek has grown and expanded into a leading global technology company with over 100 product solutions. Simply put, the goal of Aluratek is to produce and create alluring products that are in fact practical, attractive and appealing to the technology consumer market.

Gregory Harlan
Company: Aluratek
Address: Irvine, CA
Phone: (714) 586-8730


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