Creativity meets ingenuity when you consider the impressive array of freshwater pearls you can acquire from; don‘t let these words convince you, visit the site yourself and make your personal assessment. When most people think about pearls they only have a single sphere shape in mind this will all change when you behold the array of freshwater pearl shapes on offer at this website. In the diverse collection in stock you will find freshwater pearls in all manner of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. All these are rather aptly named such that keeping them in memory will not be so much of a hassle.
On the freshwater pearls page there a total of 13 uniquely different designs from which to choose. Some of the rather easy names to remember are the button, coin, cross, diamond, potato, rectangle, rice, star, and teardrop shaped freshwater pearls. The others are not too hard to remember either. There is lots of diversity in terms of the different types of freshwater pearls in some of the categories. For instance, the Biwa and button shape freshwater pearl categories each have ten unique designs while we have as much as 25 and 36 unique designs in the rice and potato shape freshwater pearl categories respectively.
These freshwater pearls are for the most part strung on a 16” strand and the number of individual pearls varies according to their respective sizes. The white flat top-drilled freshwater pearls for instance are approximately 11X17mm in dimension and as such each 16” strand carries approximately 67 pearls. The number of pearls aside, what will catch your eye as you browse through the website is the amazing range of colors that these ornaments bear. From beige, bronze, green, hot-pink, peacock, purple-blue, and silver-white, you will have to spare a few moments to take in this assortment of freshwater pearl hues. This is of course in addition to the delightful combination of multi-colors in the Biwa freshwater pearl category. Here you can select from combinations like green and gold, light and dark green, and pinks, purples, and gold.
The interesting thing about these freshwater pearls that fashion-conscious ladies will be sure to appreciate is the versatility the different options afford the individual. For example, white coin-shape freshwater pearls can be worn to the office or a wedding ceremony. Freshwater pearls that come in different colors can be a delightful match to virtually any outfit that occupies a wardrobe.
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