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From Beyond Space and Time is an amazing book, which has you reading every page, from the first page ...
It is about an entity, from beyond space and time, voyaging to the far reaches of the universe, in the form of a life form, and, on its exploration of the galaxy, crashes into the Earth ...
Scientists and archaeologists, millions years later, start scanning and mapping under the surface of the Earth, with a new underground surveillance technology, and find a creature, which they believe is a preserved dinosaur, in a chamber, beneath the ruins of an ancient castle, over a sea cliff, in Cornwall.
They find a form of animal, resembling a monster, which is preserved by some means not understood by them. They take it to be an unknown species, but it is one of the alien creatures that were captured, and put in suspended animation, on the entity‘s form of spacecraft, before it crashed.
Once archaeologists start digging it up, they discover the other creatures buried in the surrounding rock. Except they cannot remove them, and they can only remove the entire area under them.
It is taken to London, where the remainder of the stone is erased, to put them in a museum, and they slowly unveil a strange, perfectly symmetrical, black object beneath the creatures.
In the museum, the entrance is accidentally opened, and the small hole that mysteriously appears in it reveals that it is a form of alien spacecraft.
A silver sphere in it gives out telepathic visions of the records of its voyage. It produces visions from beyond the galaxy stars. A map of the universe shows them the course that it took. It starts at a place, which it refers to as the centre of space, at the centre of the universe.
A vital control gets damaged, sending it hurtling into space, and it plunges into the stars, with them trapped on board, trying in vain to repair it.
In the depths of the universe they encounter weird life forms; including one that has the dimensions of a small galaxy, which floats in a deep void, stretching thousands of light years of space, made of masses of energy, from the big bang.
It travels endlessly on, into the depths of the universe, to where it came from, beyond the universe ...