In today's hyper-competitive business environment, where change is constant, to have information at your fingertips is of paramount importance for success.

To accomplish this, Andersen has created Instant messenger software that keeps the user informed about events that happened in the fields of his interests. In case of tourist market, where the application was initially created, this software keeps subscribers informed about cost of airplane tickets, costs of rooms in hotels, industry news.

Type of represented in Instant messenger information can changed according to the settings. For example information provided for non ferrous metals stock exchange can be the level of LME.

The principle of this software utilization is fairly simple.

In the one hand Information supplier wants to keep information subscribers informed more quickly than simply placing information on the web site. In the other hand subscribers want to be more informed because they compete for the information (this situation is common for many stocks). In this situation Andersen Instant messenger simple makes people closer. If supplier places some event on a web site or database it instantly appears close to tray panel of user desktop.

Someone could say this mechanism is very similar to RSS. Yes it is, but RSS viewers do not customize output of information the way Instant messenger does. For example generically RSS doesn‘t mean encryption and authorization, but Instant manager can utilize this features. Also, Instant messenger can be installed on a mobile phone, or to be set to send SMS.

If you wish to have an example of this software you can visit two web sites, where it has already been started, and download the application.

First one is tourist stock exchange (Rus)

Second one is Ukraine tourist magazine (Rus)

For detailed description of the project you can visit Andersen web site.

In order to visit Andersen web site use this link: