Imagine a situation when your web site has a service that could welcome visitors, and perform different functions from talking to them simple phrases to presenting and describing your services. Also this service will use humanlike behavior and won‘t put staff out off work.

Andersen has created such an application. Being placed on a web site, program works 24 x 7 hours per week, and provides information about products and services that your company supplies.

Application is created on the basis of Open Source AIML Implementations - AIMLBot. XML schema and technologies are provided by non commercial union

Utilizing these technologies, Andersen has striven to add its own value. We tuned XML content and made robot to answer quickly and funny, then we tied user-friendly interface that allows answering on behalf of the robot.

You can talk to this application using link -

Main marketing advantages of using software are following:

  1. Highlight your web site among competitive due to the possibility to attract visitor‘s attention.
  2. Demonstrate unusual way of products representation.
  3. Collect statistical information that shows interests and needs of the website audience.

This application is for sale. In case of your interest, Andersen can help to deploy it to your website, tune content of robot database, adjust visual appearance of application and run test scenarios.

About Andersen

Andersen is an outsourcing software development company that offers programming, design, support and consulting services to a wide range of industries and business areas.

Company focuses on following services:

  • Custom software development;
  • System integration;
  • Implementation of business intelligence applications.

Our basic competitive advantage is the opportunity to carry out big and complex projects with the expected quality and in dedicated period of time.


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